Import of Cross-references

How should the imported file look?

The first line must contain the column name (any).
The column with a proper URL of the website title page must exist.

Check the proper sample of the file soubor pro import (.xls).

Columns that can be imported



Address of the website (Homepage URL).
Website notes.
Name of the Contact person.
Email address of the Contact person.
Contact person's telephone number.
Contact person's information.
Website's labels (Tags).


Status of the reference (Activity state). Waiting, contacted, completed, agreement found, uninterested, postponed, no answer. 
Activity Notes. 
Exact page with your link URL.
Date of reference created (Date added).
Active since?
Active until?
Text of the reference (Link anchor text). 
Reference of the target page (Link points to).
List of website activities.


Will be the existing data written over?

Empty fields at the existing websites are updated with new (non-empty) values from the imported file.

Cross-references are not actualized. The import always create a new one.