It is pointless to search for websites (for example by a specific theme or type) that are already saved and categorized in a database. An easy orientation in such databases is necessary to understand the rules of filtering:

  • You can use the logical "operators" such as AND (simultaneously), OR (or) a NOT (incompatible) and put them into parenthesis (round brackets). 
  • If you separate the labels by spaces, you need to use "AND" between them. 
  • The font size does not matter.
  • If you search using labels, a box "Related Tags" will be displayed containing related labels. By clicking on the labels in "Related Tags" box, you can adjust the filters. This is specifically helpful, if the related websites do not have identical labels. 


What are we looking for > Filter Example:

All general catalogues (business indexes) >  general Index
All catalogues except general ones >  NO general Index
Goods' search engines >  goods
Competition catalogues >  competition index
Eshops catalogues > eshops' index
Specific catalogues about children >  index of children
Websites (not English ones) for news publication >  pr not en
Specific sports' websites >  hockey or tennis