Options of Inserting New Keywords

  1. Simple insertion
  2. Keyword design
  3. Import keywords
  4. Keyword design through one-time analysis 
  5. Keyword design through Google Analytics (must have a linked Collabim account with Google Analytics)

Simple Insertion

You will use the form to insert keywords (one keyword per line). You can see a number of keywords that you are allowed to add on the form.  If you need to add more keywords, check our extra pricelist .

You can add labels to all the keywords or to the target page in the form. If you need to attach more labels to a keyword, you should separate them by a space. 

Example of simple insertion

This option is shown beside the "Simple Insertion"

Keyword design

Besides your chosen keyword, a large number of similar keywords is shown along with their searcability. In Czech, the tool reads data from Sklik, in foreign sites from Google.

Example of suggested keywords

Again, you can add labels to each stored keyword or to a target page.

Keyword Imports 

There are 2 options for importing keywords. It is either from XLS / XLSX (Excel) spreadsheets, or from Google Analytics.

If you want to import keywords from Excel, click the red button "Keyword Imports" and follow the instructions.

Import keywords

How should I formate the imported file?

The first line has to include the ecolumn designation (randomly selected names).

  • Only the column containing the keywords is mandatory.

Look at the sample import file (.xls).

Can existing data be re-written?

Blank fields in existing keywords and target pages are updated with new values ​​(data) from the imported Excel file.

How do I import keywords from Google Analytics?

First, you need a permission to enter Google Analytics. It can be obtained from Website Settings (in the top right corner).

Link to Google Analytics

After successful entry, you will be able to "Add New Keywords from Google Analytics ".

Import keywords from Google Analytics

After that you just follow the instructions in the Google Analytics guide.