How does your Site Finder Work?

How are the websites selected?

Websites are collected by the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing..) based on the keywords from Collabim. For each keyword there are 20 search results (websites) stored.

You can, in the Site Finder, see what webpage has a good position to be displayed based on the important keyword.  Using that, you can estimate the visitation of your website or your specific web page. From that, you can judge if it make sense to look for reference and how frequent visits to your website may occur.

How do you calculate the score?

How is the score influenced by the selection of keywords? The visitation score of the website is a summary of individual keywords that are placed into the search engines.

They are:

  • Search ability of the keyword in Google (global and local),
  • Position in the search results (individual and overall) positions.

Different weights are than attached to these results. It is obvious that the score is defined by the selection of the keywords. The more relevant the keywords you store in your website, the better and more relevant results from Site Finder will be obtained.

How to Filter E-commerce Websites?

We will detect words, on the title page, that are typical for e-commerce websites (such as currency, sales, commerce, e.t.c.) and then evaluate them further.