Start with Collabim - Manual

What is Collabim and how to benefit from it?

What can you achieve with Collabim?

Improve visibility and   efficiency of  your website to get more traffic


How do you achieve that?

  • By discovering new keywords that will bring more visitors to your site.
  • By having an unobstructed view of the positive or negative developments of your website through its continuous position tracking within the search results.
  • By revealing your competitor's websites and based on that, by easily determining your strategy.
  • By efficiently optimizing your site content based on data gathered by Collabim ..
  • By ensuring that all of your pages contain important titles, subtitles and meta descriptions. 
  • By discovering any technical drawbacks that need to be corrected.
  • By finding the sites from which the link to your site will have a real advantage.
  • By letting SERP Features advise you if and where to see enhanced search results.
  • By having our SEO Academy help you as you may need it.


Collabim is free for 1 month and without any obligation, so test it yourself.