Registration, First Steps in your account

Choose the tariff you want to test. Take advantage of the 30 day free advanced features feature. 

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At the end of the trial, you will be prompted to select a tariff.

Choose Free.

This type of account does not include advanced features including competition tracking, site finder, site analysis, and reports. The number of users in your account is limited to two.

If you want to use Collabim in full, choose from Basic, Standart or Plus tariffs. In addition to basic measurement and keyword design, link tracking and one-off analytics, you'll also have all the advanced features available. You also have an unlimited number of users in your account. Unlike the Free Tariff, where the number of key phrases is limited to 2, you will have up to 1500 keywords per project. Another advantage of the paid tariffs is the one-time credit analysis (Basic - 150 CZK, Standard - 400 CZK, Plus - 1000 CZK).


Fill in the basic information, such as your name and email address, to receive your registration confirmation and login information.
seo tool free register


Enter the URL of the site (your site) which you would like to explore and find out your performance on search engines and how compare with your competitors.

Since Collabim can also manage foreign projects, do not forget to choose the main language of the site. For example, if your site is in Slovak, choose Slovak, choose Czech for Czech site, etc. This setting can not be changed later.

If you have multiple language options, create a new project for each language option in your account.

After you enter a site URL, you will be prompted to add the first keywords from the proposal. Press the "save" button to confirm the selected words. If you already know the results of  keywords' evaluation, and do not want to use the suggested phrases, you can add your keywords in the lower right corner.

While you can edit, add, delete, or add new keywords at any time, try to select the keywords that are related to your project as much as possible. The more relevant the keywords, the more accurate the information you get from other advanced Collabim functions.

When you have finished selecting the first keywords, go to the "Keywords" tab.

While Collabim processes the data associated with each phrase, select the priority keywords that will be updated in search engines every day. The number of daily updated words is given by the type of tariff you have chosen. Detail of tariffs.

The first steps in Collabim are behind you. It was easy!

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