Summary of Website Activity

Each time you select the desired site in the main summary, the "Overview" tab opens. Here you can see the summary of important changes.

Changes to keyword positions show you the most significant changes.

Entry 27 (+2) means a keyword position improvement to two positions (the previous position was 29th and it is now 27th).

An entry 5 (-1) means a keyword position dropping of one position (the previous measurement was 4th and it is now 5th).


Position standings graphs will tell you (in color), in what search engine and in what position  are your key phrases placed.

TOP 3 means placement from the first to third place in an organic search (PPCs do not count towards the results). The positions continue to be displayed from 4 to 10, 11 to 20 , and 21 to the current standing.

The bottom of the report shows the number of indexed pages in the last month with the option of selecting any period. You can also see newly added links during the last 7 days.

You can also see main (starting) page changes, as well as a number of new links you have added during the last seven days.





Click the history tab to view the spread of the positions over time (in%).

Here, you can also filter specific dates, and select any date range you want to be displayed in the graph .