Small Number of Webpages

Collabim analyses webpages based on stored keywords. This means that it records the pages that were found within the search results.

In the keyword section you will see what keywords resulted in a retrieval of your website. 

The values of 60+ will tell you that for the particular keyword your website will be displayed on the position worse than 60. It also means that for this keyword the entry page does not exist.

What is the solution for small (or zero) number of webpages?

1. Store more keywords or phrases for which the webpages will be displayed from the search.

What are the methods of the keywords storing?

  • Manual entry
  • Import.
  • Suggestions of the keywords
  • Suggestions of the keywords as a result of single-shot analysis.
  • Suggestions using Google Analytics (this method requires the connection of your Collabim account with the Google analytics).

2. If, even after additions of a large number of the relevant keywords, your website is not found in the common search engins, you can assign the target pages manually. 

How to assign the target page manually?

  • By modifying the particular keyword.

  • You can also assign the target pages for a group of keywords.


Therefore if you see a small number of the webpages, you should store more keywords or key phrases for which the entry pages will be displayed as a result of the search.