Backlink suggeestions/SiteFinder

How to find out suitable web links for cross-references?

For each key phrase, Collabim stores 20 suitable websites. Then, on the basis of your search and keyword positions, it will offer you the most suitable sites for your promotions.

Included are the results for the commercial websites as well as the look on websites of your competitors.

You can take an advantage of detailed filtering options.


Do you like this site?

Review the details, write notes, add labels, and save it in the directory of websites.

Use the Site Finder to build a cross-reference network, to write articles that can be linked to your website. Be where your readers are.

Test Collabim for free and promote your project's website where your clients can see it.


How does Site Finder work?

What are the sites selected for?

Sites are collected from search engine results (Google, List, ...) for the keywords you have in Collabim. For each keyword, 20 results (sites) are saved .

In Site Finder, you can simply see where all the relevant keywords have a particular website / site of a good site on the search engines. You can roughly estimate traffic to that site / site.

From this, you can judge whether it makes sense to find a link on that site / page and how many traffic a link can bring to your site .

What are you counting scores for?

How is it affected by the selection of keywords? The site score is the sum of the scores for the individual words the site is placed on the search engines. Consists of:

  • Google's keyword search (average global and local)
  • positions in search results (total and individual positions),

These factors are additionally assigned to different weights. From the above, it is clear that the score is determined by selecting keywords. The more thematic keywords you save to your site, the better and more relevant you get from the Site Finder .

How do you filter e-commerce sites?

On the front page of the site, we detect the words typical of sales sites (basket, CZK, trade, ...) and we evaluate them.