Feature "References" will allow you to create an extensive database of references pointing to your website and watch for their functionality. 

For each reference, you can see its status with basic information and its state of activity (ie active or inactive).

By clicking on the tab "+ More" you will add next column with information about the person who made the last change, when the reference became active, the target page, etc.


You will also have more features such as:

- how to add a reference directly from your search engine,

- how to import references - sample file for import,

- how to create a new reference by clicking on the tab in the top left corner of the list of references.

When creating a new reference, you need to enter its type, status, and URL of the page where it will be placed. Other fields, although they are not mandatory, the more information you add to the new reference, the more knowledge about this reference will you and your clients have.

By clicking on "Add" you will have the opportunity to amend the reference with details about your website and where it will be placed. You will be able to edit all additional suplemental data, so there is no worry if you do not know all the information during the reference creation process.

Within the stored references, you can correct its status. From the moment you mark the stored reference active, Collabim will start with a regular monitoring.

After completion, Collabim will check the reference in question and will report its status to you. Status "completed" will give you more possibilities in refence's details.

You can now attach the invoice or add a payment.

In addition to the payment, you will also have a summary of your costs with creating the cross-references. By adding a selected amount of money you would like to spend you can control your budget. Since Collabim does not manage any payments, allowing you the decision-making process.


Filtered completed references.

To review the number of visits to your website, it is necessary to connect your account with Google Analytics (you can do it in the website settings).

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