Export search results

Do you need to know  which  websites appear  in the top 40 slots on the List and Google  in the search results ? You will also find the search, the date of measurement, the landing page URL, the number of results, the snippet text, the specific word, and its position. Export is mainly for those who want to process the data in  OpenRefine, for exampleWith  Collabim  you can get to the data  easily and quickly . Let's go.

Filter your keywords

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 10.36.32 AM

Add a parameter to the URL

The keyword page will have a unique URL address to which you add the  format = json parameter.

collabim-kw-jsonAfter sending an address with the parameter, you get a clear output:


Data is better structured

In the next step, copy the export to  JSON Online Editor  . You can get the search results in a more streamlined form:


At position 0-39 you will find results from Google CZ (  searchEngineId: 1  ) and at position 40-79 then from the list (  searchEngineId: 2  ). If you have different  searchEngineId  values ​​in your data, look in the  Collabim API  for the ID of other search engines.

What do you say about the first export version?

Write to us how do you like to export.