Date Description More info
31.1.2018 UX changes on target page history -
31.1.2018 Integration of the search engine simulator provided by Rudolf Svátka -
27.2.2018 Suggest keywords from Google Reader available in all countries -
7.3.2018 New filter in keyword section -
12.3.2018 Ability to search and sort in the history of landing page changes. -
16.3.2018 Number of words graph on the history of position distribution -
16.3.2018 Add an export history listing page -
20.3.2018 Supplying labels for new words (when entering the project) whether it is a GLOBE or ADWORDS -
23.3.2018 addition of API documentation - activities + better explanation of position history download -
4.4.2018 Improve the history of one-time analyzes and add an option to repeat or name the analysis -
5.4.2018 Data studio connectors -
5.4.2018 Integration list of webmaster tools -
5.4.2018 New endpoints in API (position distribution, market share and keyword position) + addition of documentation and postman -
5.4.2018 Restore the ability to purchase credits and make direct payments -
5.4.2018 API - Provide a new account registration for Affiliate Partners -
5.4.2018 Acceleration of Holy Grail / Holy Grail -
9.4.2018 If the client has a discount or a surcharge on his / her tariff, he / she will have his / her plan marked and the highlighted changes -
9.4.2018 Fix the issue of displaying pages through the Webmaster Tools List (indexed and visited by robots) -
9.4.2018 Fix a problem with keyword metering in some cases (third-party search engine for some clients) -
11.4.2018 Added the ability to enter keyword history and collabim index. (For example, using a link in the "Keywords" section, or drag-to-select function from the "Position Distribution History" or "Collabim Index History" graphs on the Report Bar). -
13.4.2018 Added the ability to filter keywords by landing page using regular expressions -
13.4.2018 Correction of datatables by date of addition -
14.4.2018 Market history shar (change the time interval for which data is displayed) + new endpoints for this history (lastXDays and from-to) -
16.4.2018 For security reasons, the use of APIs is forbidden to users with too many permission levels -
16.4.2018 Added a bookmarklet for quick domain analysis opened in the browser using the Holy Grail -
17.4.2018 Added a new one-time URL analysis of the technical state of the domain -
17.4.2018 Correct showing discounts and billing periods on the Account and Billing page -
17.4.2018 Fix the export of the Holy Grail - we will now give you all the data -
19.4.2018 API - The new "getXDays" parameter (a combination of lastXDays and getXDays for all endpoints can detect data for X days after a given day X days back) and a new tag allocation parameter "tagName" that can filter data by tag -
19.4.2018 Enhancement of one-time credit purchase, delivery of form payment and billing for purchase. -
19.4.2018 We added a video to a one-time analysis of the "Holy Grail" to visualize this analysis in MS Power BI -
19.4.2018 Your keyword history summary has been complemented by a trend calculation. A clear graph is available for each word in the table. A tab with a graph of the overall trend of filtered words has been added. And the ability to filter words by label. -
23.4.2018 The account owner is allowed to make suggestions, ideas, queries, etc. via the "Contact form", which you can get from the "Tools" section. -
23.4.2018 Fixed issue in market shar (data was shown only for competition, not for the project) -
24.4.2018 Added new accounts with limits to the entire account instead of the project limit -
27.4.2018 Upgraded Google edits and List of Algorithms in charts -
27.4.2018 A correction has been made to the Trend Chart in your keyword history. Both in individual words and in the overview. The color of the cells in the keyword history table has changed. -
30.4.2018 Added the ability to export Google's competition when exporting keywords -
3.5.2018 Collabim Wordpress plugin -
3.5.2018 Change the appearance of the form in Market shar -
3.5.2018 Enabling the user-key endpoint API, widget, and project list for FREE users -
3.5.2018 In connection with the implementation of GDPR into the terms of use, the way of adding users to existing accounts was altered. Now the user is invited and activation is required, which he will do with the activation token in the inbox. -
3.5.2018 Given the imminent necessity of introducing a decree known as the "GDPR", we were forced to modify the registration process. Now, after activation, the activation of the learning with the activation token is required, as well as the unwanted / inactive registration can be easily canceled using a similar token. -
3.5.2018 To improve security, encryption of access passwords by the bcrypt algorithm has been linked, and the modality of the login process is also linked. -
4.5.2018 As of 4.5.2018, new terms and conditions for the use of the services of Collabim s.r.o entered into force. These conditions take into account the regulation of the European Parliament, known as GDPR. Each user, at first glance, gets all the changes right on the plate. -
4.5.2018 Fixed technical site analysis problem - some sites were rated as 404, although the site existed -
6.5.2018 Fixed the pick and key in the user profile (previously the key was selected incorrectly after a double-click) -
6.5.2018 Adjusted trend calculation in keyword history. Now the words in the position less than 60 are no longer taken into account. Fixed the words with a position lower than 60 to "60+". -
11.5.2018 A useful "Sitemap Extractor" has been added to make it easier to retrieve URLs from sitemap files. -
13.5.2018 Edit your keyword export from the project. Now you can export large amounts of keywords. The results are then included in export history and are sent to you by e-mail. -
15.5.2018 Fix inaccuracies when calculating the trend in your keyword history. -
17.5.2018 FREE accounts continue to be 70 credits each month -
18.5.2018 New tariffs are released - allow words to be passed between daily and 14-day measurements, and there is no limit to the number of words per project -
21.5.2018 Started our version of our website at -
22.5.2018 Added 100% Discount for Paid Fares on Internet Marketing Course at UDEMY - More Info at My Data -
25.5.2018 Fixed an error displaying the search when changing the search engine filter. Added keyword detail link. -
1.6.2018 When working with bookmarks in your keyword history, the last bookmark is active. -
4.6.2018 APIs and GDS connectors added field values ​​that only referenced the ID to any other field (eg searchEngineId => searchEngineName, or projectId => projectName) -
4.6.2018 The keyword detail is fixed in the default tab order of the changes page history table -
5.6.2018 A new tool for "access log" analysis has been added to the tool section. -
5.6.2018 In the keywords section, it is now possible to sort the records by "asterisks." -
6.6.2018 You can now import words directly from your site simply by typing a URL, and you can also perform the same function in a one-time analysis of a specific technical URL analysis. -
7.6.2018 The "Market share" section has been treated with an empty chart error. -
15.6.2018 With longer account inactivity, credits are automatically charged -
18.6.2018 New api endpoint added to aggregated keyword positions -
18.6.2018 Simple import of keywords into the project - if they are in the file, we will list them. Such a faulty import can be done, only words that are error-free will be imported so you do not have to edit the excel line per line. -
18.6.2018 possibility to delete a project when it is archived directly from the site settings -
18.6.2018 Access log exporter now accepts logs wrapped in zip or gzip format. -
18.6.2018 The Access Log Analysis tool has been added to store the resulting files in "Export History". -
18.6.2018 -
18.6.2018 Fixed functionality for adding users to projects. It is now possible to pre-set the password again to the new user. Attached link to original user add-on. -
25.6.2018 Google AZ has been added to the list of supported search engines -
3.7.2018 Fixed a problem with the wrong order of columns in your keyword history that led to an erroneous trend calculation. -
8.7.2018 Fixed a ranking problem by Updating positions in your keyword report -
8.7.2018 Fixed a Free Targeting Issue if the user had an archived account with an exceeded keyword limit -
16.7.2018 Fixed view of the last value in the Collabim index history chart -
16.7.2018 Fixed double display of project names when assigning user access rights -
16.7.2018 Set a validation in the account layout form -
16.7.2018 Fixed column sorts in the keyword history table -
16.7.2018 Fixed graph display in the Competitions section under the History link. -
16.7.2018 Fixed filtering when paging and changing shifts in the Activities section. -
19.7.2018 Overwrite the oldest parts of our application (Links, Finance, Alien Directory, and other components) => The application now responds much faster. -
20.7.2018 Total Search - In the keyword list or a one-time search analysis, we added columns with the sum of the Google + list queries. -
23.7.2018 Fixed custom column settings in the backlink report. -
28.7.2018 Fixed URL review in Sitemap exporter. -
3.8.2018 Fixed translations in the application. -
6.8.2018 The Marketing Journal was launched into the public beta. -
6.9.2018 It is now possible to import the words / URL addresses from GA, GSC or the Word Writer from the URL into the one-time analysis. It is also possible to use a one-time connection with your Google Account when importing from GA / GSC when Collabim holds the authorization token only until you log out or to run a one-time analysis. -
6.9.2018 It is now possible to enter words with a maximum length of 100 characters into one-time positions and search. -
6.9.2018 Added support for video SERP feature on google and list -
6.9.2018 Added support for scrape SERP features on the List -
9.9.2018 Spinner on the Holy Grail can see again -
10.9.2018 An updated set of GDS connectors with a secure token transfer has been released. A fully redesigned connector of aggregate positions. -
10.9.2018 The new useful tool "Google Analytics PPC Analyzer" for analyzing words from PPC camps, etc. -
10.9.2018 Added a new one-time PPC analysis for embedded keywords and selected domains. -
14.9.2018 Fixed view of the project - historical data and search engines that are not tracked on the project are displayed in charts and statements. -
18.9.2018 New tariffs - ADVANCED, AGENCY, CORPORATION -
29.9.2018 Separation of the SERP data database - resulting in a noticeable acceleration of the application -
29.9.2018 Upgrade databases to the latest version of MySQL -
29.9.2018 We are also posting the PPC ads we have found in the SERP -
29.9.2018 Correction of the error caused by the failure to calculate the distribution of positions for the trialists -
29.9.2018 Limit the maximum number of doses to Cipisek API List -
29.9.2018 SiteFinder will retrieve newer data - we have accelerated domain surveys -
2.10.2018 Added a coupon (100% - free of charge: D) for paying users at the Udemy course SUPERCHARGE your Facebook Marketing & Facebook Ads in 2019 - see My Data -
2.10.2018 Correction of GDS Connector "Collabim - keyword positions (lastXDays)". -
8.10.2018 We have added option to retrieve URL from sitemap to OTA Url analysis. -
8.10.2018 Edit Sitemap Extractor, so he tries to search the sitemap.xml himself. -
8.10.2018 Added option in PPC OTA to get keywords from GA and GDS + option to retrieve URLs directly from the sitemap. -
9.10.2018 Added a coupon for RENNIO system - 1 month for a FREE BUSINESS package -
15.10.2018 Added keyword history table for information about the last measured position and its inclusion in the charts. -
16.10.2018 Holy grail displays complex information on the chart of the most common search engines - now the numbers are also directed to words that are not public -
16.10.2018 The Holy Grail in organic results also shows landing pages, both in preview and export -
16.10.2018 The Holy Grail at the input takes any URL, and it's own domain (guest). The user does not have to do it himself -
19.10.2018 Reworked keyword history. Newly, the last measured positions are displayed in 14-day words, and data is also used to calculate trends and graphs. -
24.10.2018 We have redesigned the login page and registration. You can now use your facebook or google account to sign in to Collabim. -
9.11.2018 We added the option to select data for only one label on the Keyword List GDS connector -
11.11.2018 Added the ability to load a sitemap in GZIP format into SitemapExtractor. -
11.11.2018 The PPC GA tool now allows you to filter out results without a goal and transactions. The wait time for GA data has been extended. -
11.11.2018 Correction in the data for the "History of Keywords" section, in the table and the graph is now not assembled 0 for unexamined positions, but not replaced by the first measured value, thus no tendency to distort the trend. -
12.11.2018 In the dump column, all the saved references in the comment text are now active in the comment column and open in a new window. So you do not have to copy the links from the notes or visit the detail of the backlink. -
12.11.2018 Keyword ideas from the sketch are now sorted by search -
12.11.2018 The rapid acceleration of the Holy Grail -
13.11.2018 We have added bulk dashboard of all Collabim connectors for GDS, enhanced descriptions of all connectors -
28.11.2018 Added detection SERP feature - people also ask -
1.12.2018 We have launched for you - a place where you can always find current feeds of heureka, goods and google purchases in XLSX. -
17.12.2018 In Ppc analysis, it is now possible to filter the resulting ads by one particular domain. -
7.1.2019 Added ability to measure positions in Indonesia in Indonesian (English was already measured in our country) More info
16.1.2019 Correction in KWH, for the turn of the year where they were neglected and not shown. -
26.1.2019 The price of holy grail output drop to 1/5, scaling the public keywords to 1,7 million in Czech republic thanks to related searches, scaled max output from 10k to 200k of organic keywods per export -
8.3.2019 Increase of the limit for linkbuilding - new limit is 200 backlinks per project. -
20.3.2019 Fix of wrong SERP features in One-time Analysis -
12.4.2019 Speedup of page analyzer and keyword getter -
29.5.2019 Add bookmarklet for pages indexation check. -
11.6.2019 Prolonged time of login session using login with social networks -
12.6.2019 Fixed loading of data from in One time analyses -
14.6.2019 Table with marketing diary notes added under every graph whoch includes these notes -
14.6.2019 Missing data on Alexa resulting in empty cell is now fixed -
14.6.2019 If user imports data from excel to "My saved webs" using excel and has invalid data on any rows, the import can continue and user is informed -
19.6.2019 Informing user after websites deletion, that if we were unable to delete some of them, it is because of their connection to backlinks -
19.6.2019 Removal of http:// protocol from TOP serp results on keyword detail -
21.6.2019 URL analysis was extended with indexability analysis. It activates, when indexation analysis and web analysis are turned on. -
28.6.2019 In Market Share graph you can show marketing diary notes and search engine events. -
1.7.2019 White space narowing between filters and table on keywords overview -
1.7.2019 Fixing competitors adding on new project creation -
1.7.2019 Fixing ordering in sample table on OTA results -
2.7.2019 Marketing maps intergration released (only for czech and slovak users) -
2.7.2019 Option to inline edit name of one-time analysis in history -
2.7.2019 Correct display of HTML entities (á as "á") on "Page change history" -
11.7.2019 Fix of font on list of keyword tags -
12.7.2019 In search volume analysis search engine Seznam is not being replaced with link -
12.7.2019 In one time analysis history fixed links to repeat PPC analysis -
12.7.2019 Added history of target page changes. Can be found under "pages". -
12.7.2019 Fix of confirmation when deleting keywords -
17.7.2019 During the selection of date in date picker (all over the app) you can move with key arrows in the date text. -
18.7.2019 Added link to affiliate url with promo -
24.7.2019 Color background on keyword list highlighting the match or mismatch of target page on search engine with your chosen target page. -
26.7.2019 Significant acceleration of the list of related words on the keyword detail. -
29.7.2019 On Page detail - table with connected keywords has default 20 rows -
31.7.2019 Fixing JS logic for acquiring query parameters from URL -
1.8.2019 New filter on Keywords overview - filter for those with no target page set -
1.8.2019 Scrollable modal window on adding new link -
1.8.2019 Edit URL in one time analysis to new help (columns meaning) -
1.8.2019 Fixing english translation on SERP features filters on "Project keywords overview" -
1.8.2019 Added tooltip on icon for hiding left menu -
1.8.2019 Removal or redundant input on "Last changes of target pages" -
1.8.2019 When you edit a star in batch on keywords, the words remain filtered -
1.8.2019 Website detail speed improvement -
1.8.2019 Keyword history list speed improvement -
5.8.2019 Project overview significant speed improvement -
5.8.2019 UI changes across the application -
6.8.2019 Order by searches sum on project keywords overview -
6.8.2019 Add whispering GA and GSC in project settings -
12.8.2019 Transalted names of suggesters in suggest one-time analysis -
12.8.2019 Added links to keyword detail on content analysis in "pages" section -
12.8.2019 Scraped ads with invalid url are not added to, but collabim.ads_failed -
12.8.2019 Maitenence of access log extractor - now is possible to use multiple formats -
14.8.2019 Hide Sklik in keyword suggesters when other country than CZ is chosen -
15.8.2019 Removal of canPause on class which do not need to pauseUi -
21.8.2019 Fix of padding on finance overview -
23.8.2019 Column width fix on adding new keywords to froject from Sklik -
23.8.2019 Ordering of keywords on new marketing diary note -
25.8.2019 Translation fix on not found backlink -
26.8.2019 Upgrade of keyword note -
27.8.2019 Position distribution graph fix on project overview. -
27.8.2019 Removed option to cancel PPC or GA analysis. -
28.8.2019 On the backlink detail, we are showing 180 days visits from Google Analytics. More info
28.8.2019 On the Recent Changes to Site page, the From To and Object type filter is added -
29.8.2019 When adding a user in a project, the current project is automatically selected -
29.8.2019 On the project overview, the collabim index is rounded and the scale is removed More info
29.8.2019 Edit menu in section links and linkbuilding. Added a label for website labels and bulk label operations -
29.8.2019 The "Export" button is added to the keyword overview -
1.9.2019 Added 4 filters, flexibility index, difference, trend and search volume to the Keyword History table More info
6.9.2019 Fix URL analysis input type titles on mobile version -
10.9.2019 Edit notes directly in the line on keywords overview -
12.9.2019 Fixed bug, when graphs on keyword edit did not show, even though data were measured -