Date Description More info
We have added new serp feature "websites with places" -
31.1.2018 UX changes on target page history -
31.1.2018 Integration of the search engine simulator provided by Rudolf Svátka -
27.2.2018 Suggest keywords from Google Reader available in all countries -
7.3.2018 New filter in keyword section -
12.3.2018 Ability to search and sort in the history of landing page changes. -
16.3.2018 Number of words graph on the history of position distribution -
16.3.2018 Add an export history listing page -
20.3.2018 Supplying labels for new words (when entering the project) whether it is a GLOBE or ADWORDS -
23.3.2018 addition of API documentation - activities + better explanation of position history download -
4.4.2018 Improve the history of one-time analyzes and add an option to repeat or name the analysis -
5.4.2018 Data studio connectors -
5.4.2018 Integration list of webmaster tools -
5.4.2018 New endpoints in API (position distribution, market share and keyword position) + addition of documentation and postman -
5.4.2018 Restore the ability to purchase credits and make direct payments -
5.4.2018 API - Provide a new account registration for Affiliate Partners -
5.4.2018 Acceleration of Holy Grail / Holy Grail -
9.4.2018 If the client has a discount or a surcharge on his / her tariff, he / she will have his / her plan marked and the highlighted changes -
9.4.2018 Fix the issue of displaying pages through the Webmaster Tools List (indexed and visited by robots) -
9.4.2018 Fix a problem with keyword metering in some cases (third-party search engine for some clients) -
11.4.2018 Added the ability to enter keyword history and collabim index. (For example, using a link in the "Keywords" section, or drag-to-select function from the "Position Distribution History" or "Collabim Index History" graphs on the Report Bar). -
13.4.2018 Added the ability to filter keywords by landing page using regular expressions -
13.4.2018 Correction of datatables by date of addition -
14.4.2018 Market history shar (change the time interval for which data is displayed) + new endpoints for this history (lastXDays and from-to) -
16.4.2018 For security reasons, the use of APIs is forbidden to users with too many permission levels -
16.4.2018 Added a bookmarklet for quick domain analysis opened in the browser using the Holy Grail -
17.4.2018 Added a new one-time URL analysis of the technical state of the domain -
17.4.2018 Correct showing discounts and billing periods on the Account and Billing page -
17.4.2018 Fix the export of the Holy Grail - we will now give you all the data -
19.4.2018 API - The new "getXDays" parameter (a combination of lastXDays and getXDays for all endpoints can detect data for X days after a given day X days back) and a new tag allocation parameter "tagName" that can filter data by tag -
19.4.2018 Enhancement of one-time credit purchase, delivery of form payment and billing for purchase. -
19.4.2018 We added a video to a one-time analysis of the "Holy Grail" to visualize this analysis in MS Power BI -
19.4.2018 Your keyword history summary has been complemented by a trend calculation. A clear graph is available for each word in the table. A tab with a graph of the overall trend of filtered words has been added. And the ability to filter words by label. -
23.4.2018 The account owner is allowed to make suggestions, ideas, queries, etc. via the "Contact form", which you can get from the "Tools" section. -
23.4.2018 Fixed issue in market shar (data was shown only for competition, not for the project) -
24.4.2018 Added new accounts with limits to the entire account instead of the project limit -
27.4.2018 Upgraded Google edits and List of Algorithms in charts -
27.4.2018 A correction has been made to the Trend Chart in your keyword history. Both in individual words and in the overview. The color of the cells in the keyword history table has changed. -
30.4.2018 Added the ability to export Google's competition when exporting keywords -
3.5.2018 Collabim Wordpress plugin -
3.5.2018 Change the appearance of the form in Market shar -
3.5.2018 Enabling the user-key endpoint API, widget, and project list for FREE users -
3.5.2018 In connection with the implementation of GDPR into the terms of use, the way of adding users to existing accounts was altered. Now the user is invited and activation is required, which he will do with the activation token in the inbox. -
3.5.2018 Given the imminent necessity of introducing a decree known as the "GDPR", we were forced to modify the registration process. Now, after activation, the activation of the learning with the activation token is required, as well as the unwanted / inactive registration can be easily canceled using a similar token. -
3.5.2018 To improve security, encryption of access passwords by the bcrypt algorithm has been linked, and the modality of the login process is also linked. -
4.5.2018 As of 4.5.2018, new terms and conditions for the use of the services of Collabim s.r.o entered into force. These conditions take into account the regulation of the European Parliament, known as GDPR. Each user, at first glance, gets all the changes right on the plate. -
4.5.2018 Fixed technical site analysis problem - some sites were rated as 404, although the site existed -
6.5.2018 Fixed the pick and key in the user profile (previously the key was selected incorrectly after a double-click) -
6.5.2018 Adjusted trend calculation in keyword history. Now the words in the position less than 60 are no longer taken into account. Fixed the words with a position lower than 60 to "60+". -
11.5.2018 A useful "Sitemap Extractor" has been added to make it easier to retrieve URLs from sitemap files. -
13.5.2018 Edit your keyword export from the project. Now you can export large amounts of keywords. The results are then included in export history and are sent to you by e-mail. -
15.5.2018 Fix inaccuracies when calculating the trend in your keyword history. -
17.5.2018 FREE accounts continue to be 70 credits each month -
18.5.2018 New tariffs are released - allow words to be passed between daily and 14-day measurements, and there is no limit to the number of words per project -
21.5.2018 Started our version of our website at -
22.5.2018 Added 100% Discount for Paid Fares on Internet Marketing Course at UDEMY - More Info at My Data -
25.5.2018 Fixed an error displaying the search when changing the search engine filter. Added keyword detail link. -
1.6.2018 When working with bookmarks in your keyword history, the last bookmark is active. -
4.6.2018 APIs and GDS connectors added field values ​​that only referenced the ID to any other field (eg searchEngineId => searchEngineName, or projectId => projectName) -
4.6.2018 The keyword detail is fixed in the default tab order of the changes page history table -
5.6.2018 A new tool for "access log" analysis has been added to the tool section. -
5.6.2018 In the keywords section, it is now possible to sort the records by "asterisks." -
6.6.2018 You can now import words directly from your site simply by typing a URL, and you can also perform the same function in a one-time analysis of a specific technical URL analysis. -
7.6.2018 The "Market share" section has been treated with an empty chart error. -
15.6.2018 With longer account inactivity, credits are automatically charged -
18.6.2018 New api endpoint added to aggregated keyword positions -
18.6.2018 Simple import of keywords into the project - if they are in the file, we will list them. Such a faulty import can be done, only words that are error-free will be imported so you do not have to edit the excel line per line. -
18.6.2018 possibility to delete a project when it is archived directly from the site settings -
18.6.2018 Access log exporter now accepts logs wrapped in zip or gzip format. -
18.6.2018 The Access Log Analysis tool has been added to store the resulting files in "Export History". -
18.6.2018 -
18.6.2018 Fixed functionality for adding users to projects. It is now possible to pre-set the password again to the new user. Attached link to original user add-on. -
25.6.2018 Google AZ has been added to the list of supported search engines -
3.7.2018 Fixed a problem with the wrong order of columns in your keyword history that led to an erroneous trend calculation. -
8.7.2018 Fixed a ranking problem by Updating positions in your keyword report -
8.7.2018 Fixed a Free Targeting Issue if the user had an archived account with an exceeded keyword limit -
16.7.2018 Fixed view of the last value in the Collabim index history chart -
16.7.2018 Fixed double display of project names when assigning user access rights -
16.7.2018 Set a validation in the account layout form -
16.7.2018 Fixed column sorts in the keyword history table -
16.7.2018 Fixed graph display in the Competitions section under the History link. -
16.7.2018 Fixed filtering when paging and changing shifts in the Activities section. -
19.7.2018 Overwrite the oldest parts of our application (Links, Finance, Alien Directory, and other components) => The application now responds much faster. -
20.7.2018 Total Search - In the keyword list or a one-time search analysis, we added columns with the sum of the Google + list queries. -
23.7.2018 Fixed custom column settings in the backlink report. -
28.7.2018 Fixed URL review in Sitemap exporter. -
3.8.2018 Fixed translations in the application. -
6.8.2018 The Marketing Journal was launched into the public beta. -
6.9.2018 It is now possible to import the words / URL addresses from GA, GSC or the Word Writer from the URL into the one-time analysis. It is also possible to use a one-time connection with your Google Account when importing from GA / GSC when Collabim holds the authorization token only until you log out or to run a one-time analysis. -
6.9.2018 It is now possible to enter words with a maximum length of 100 characters into one-time positions and search. -
6.9.2018 Added support for video SERP feature on google and list -
6.9.2018 Added support for scrape SERP features on the List -
9.9.2018 Spinner on the Holy Grail can see again -
10.9.2018 An updated set of GDS connectors with a secure token transfer has been released. A fully redesigned connector of aggregate positions. -
10.9.2018 The new useful tool "Google Analytics PPC Analyzer" for analyzing words from PPC camps, etc. -
10.9.2018 Added a new one-time PPC analysis for embedded keywords and selected domains. -
14.9.2018 Fixed view of the project - historical data and search engines that are not tracked on the project are displayed in charts and statements. -
18.9.2018 New tariffs - ADVANCED, AGENCY, CORPORATION -
29.9.2018 Separation of the SERP data database - resulting in a noticeable acceleration of the application -
29.9.2018 Upgrade databases to the latest version of MySQL -
29.9.2018 We are also posting the PPC ads we have found in the SERP -
29.9.2018 Correction of the error caused by the failure to calculate the distribution of positions for the trialists -
29.9.2018 Limit the maximum number of doses to Cipisek API List -
29.9.2018 SiteFinder will retrieve newer data - we have accelerated domain surveys -
2.10.2018 Added a coupon (100% - free of charge: D) for paying users at the Udemy course SUPERCHARGE your Facebook Marketing & Facebook Ads in 2019 - see My Data -
2.10.2018 Correction of GDS Connector "Collabim - keyword positions (lastXDays)". -
8.10.2018 We have added option to retrieve URL from sitemap to OTA Url analysis. -
8.10.2018 Edit Sitemap Extractor, so he tries to search the sitemap.xml himself. -
8.10.2018 Added option in PPC OTA to get keywords from GA and GDS + option to retrieve URLs directly from the sitemap. -
9.10.2018 Added a coupon for RENNIO system - 1 month for a FREE BUSINESS package -
15.10.2018 Added keyword history table for information about the last measured position and its inclusion in the charts. -
16.10.2018 Holy grail displays complex information on the chart of the most common search engines - now the numbers are also directed to words that are not public -
16.10.2018 The Holy Grail in organic results also shows landing pages, both in preview and export -
16.10.2018 The Holy Grail at the input takes any URL, and it's own domain (guest). The user does not have to do it himself -
19.10.2018 Reworked keyword history. Newly, the last measured positions are displayed in 14-day words, and data is also used to calculate trends and graphs. -
24.10.2018 We have redesigned the login page and registration. You can now use your facebook or google account to sign in to Collabim. -
9.11.2018 We added the option to select data for only one label on the Keyword List GDS connector -
11.11.2018 Added the ability to load a sitemap in GZIP format into SitemapExtractor. -
11.11.2018 The PPC GA tool now allows you to filter out results without a goal and transactions. The wait time for GA data has been extended. -
11.11.2018 Correction in the data for the "History of Keywords" section, in the table and the graph is now not assembled 0 for unexamined positions, but not replaced by the first measured value, thus no tendency to distort the trend. -
12.11.2018 In the dump column, all the saved references in the comment text are now active in the comment column and open in a new window. So you do not have to copy the links from the notes or visit the detail of the backlink. -
12.11.2018 Keyword ideas from the sketch are now sorted by search -
12.11.2018 The rapid acceleration of the Holy Grail -
13.11.2018 We have added bulk dashboard of all Collabim connectors for GDS, enhanced descriptions of all connectors -
28.11.2018 Added detection SERP feature - people also ask -
1.12.2018 We have launched for you - a place where you can always find current feeds of heureka, goods and google purchases in XLSX. -
17.12.2018 In Ppc analysis, it is now possible to filter the resulting ads by one particular domain. -
7.1.2019 Added ability to measure positions in Indonesia in Indonesian (English was already measured in our country) More info
16.1.2019 Correction in KWH, for the turn of the year where they were neglected and not shown. -
26.1.2019 The price of holy grail output drop to 1/5, scaling the public keywords to 1,7 million in Czech republic thanks to related searches, scaled max output from 10k to 200k of organic keywods per export -
8.3.2019 Increase of the limit for linkbuilding - new limit is 200 backlinks per project. -
20.3.2019 Fix of wrong SERP features in One-time Analysis -
12.4.2019 Speedup of page analyzer and keyword getter -
29.5.2019 Add bookmarklet for pages indexation check. -
11.6.2019 Prolonged time of login session using login with social networks -
12.6.2019 Fixed loading of data from in One time analyses -
14.6.2019 Table with marketing diary notes added under every graph whoch includes these notes -
14.6.2019 Missing data on Alexa resulting in empty cell is now fixed -
14.6.2019 If user imports data from excel to "My saved webs" using excel and has invalid data on any rows, the import can continue and user is informed -
19.6.2019 Informing user after websites deletion, that if we were unable to delete some of them, it is because of their connection to backlinks -
19.6.2019 Removal of http:// protocol from TOP serp results on keyword detail -
21.6.2019 URL analysis was extended with indexability analysis. It activates, when indexation analysis and web analysis are turned on. -
28.6.2019 In Market Share graph you can show marketing diary notes and search engine events. -
1.7.2019 White space narowing between filters and table on keywords overview -
1.7.2019 Fixing competitors adding on new project creation -
1.7.2019 Fixing ordering in sample table on OTA results -
2.7.2019 Marketing maps intergration released (only for czech and slovak users) -
2.7.2019 Option to inline edit name of one-time analysis in history -
2.7.2019 Correct display of HTML entities (á as "á") on "Page change history" -
11.7.2019 Fix of font on list of keyword tags -
12.7.2019 In search volume analysis search engine Seznam is not being replaced with link -
12.7.2019 In one time analysis history fixed links to repeat PPC analysis -
12.7.2019 Added history of target page changes. Can be found under "pages". -
12.7.2019 Fix of confirmation when deleting keywords -
17.7.2019 During the selection of date in date picker (all over the app) you can move with key arrows in the date text. -
18.7.2019 Added link to affiliate url with promo -
24.7.2019 Color background on keyword list highlighting the match or mismatch of target page on search engine with your chosen target page. -
26.7.2019 Significant acceleration of the list of related words on the keyword detail. -
29.7.2019 On Page detail - table with connected keywords has default 20 rows -
31.7.2019 Fixing JS logic for acquiring query parameters from URL -
1.8.2019 New filter on Keywords overview - filter for those with no target page set -
1.8.2019 Scrollable modal window on adding new link -
1.8.2019 Edit URL in one time analysis to new help (columns meaning) -
1.8.2019 Fixing english translation on SERP features filters on "Project keywords overview" -
1.8.2019 Added tooltip on icon for hiding left menu -
1.8.2019 Removal or redundant input on "Last changes of target pages" -
1.8.2019 When you edit a star in batch on keywords, the words remain filtered -
1.8.2019 Website detail speed improvement -
1.8.2019 Keyword history list speed improvement -
5.8.2019 Project overview significant speed improvement -
5.8.2019 UI changes across the application -
6.8.2019 Order by searches sum on project keywords overview -
6.8.2019 Add whispering GA and GSC in project settings -
12.8.2019 Transalted names of suggesters in suggest one-time analysis -
12.8.2019 Added links to keyword detail on content analysis in "pages" section -
12.8.2019 Scraped ads with invalid url are not added to, but collabim.ads_failed -
12.8.2019 Maitenence of access log extractor - now is possible to use multiple formats -
14.8.2019 Hide Sklik in keyword suggesters when other country than CZ is chosen -
15.8.2019 Removal of canPause on class which do not need to pauseUi -
21.8.2019 Fix of padding on finance overview -
23.8.2019 Column width fix on adding new keywords to froject from Sklik -
23.8.2019 Ordering of keywords on new marketing diary note -
25.8.2019 Translation fix on not found backlink -
26.8.2019 Upgrade of keyword note -
27.8.2019 Position distribution graph fix on project overview. -
27.8.2019 Removed option to cancel PPC or GA analysis. -
28.8.2019 On the backlink detail, we are showing 180 days visits from Google Analytics. More info
28.8.2019 On the Recent Changes to Site page, the From To and Object type filter is added -
29.8.2019 When adding a user in a project, the current project is automatically selected -
29.8.2019 On the project overview, the collabim index is rounded and the scale is removed More info
29.8.2019 Added labels for websites, and bulk label operations in the section links and linkbuilding. More info
1.9.2019 Added 4 filters, flexibility index, difference, trend and search volume to the Keyword History table More info
6.9.2019 Fix URL analysis input type titles on mobile version -
10.9.2019 Edit notes directly in the line on keywords overview -
12.9.2019 Fixed bug, when graphs on keyword edit did not show, even though data were measured -
20.9.2019 Collabim now remembers if you chose to show notes in charts. -
24.9.2019 Marketing diary note created by adding new backlink now contains url of the source page. More info
24.9.2019 In the section Tools in the main menu it's now possible to go even for those tools, which needs the project context. You can simply choose the project in the second step. -
24.9.2019 For Czech and Slovak users has been added sectino How to SEO. Translation for EN will begin as soon as possible. -
27.9.2019 Tables with marketing diary notes now show filtered date interval. -
27.9.2019 Fixed displaying notes in graphs. -
27.9.2019 Opened note in graph now contains correct title. -
3.10.2019 Search engine events shown in graphs may now contain a link to a site with more information. More info
3.10.2019 Marketing diary notes in graphs on keyword history now display even when the smallest possible interval is selected. -
3.10.2019 Search engine events now shown only in search engine related graphs. -
4.10.2019 On starring non-existing project keyword (deleted by another project user) automatic refresh page. -
4.10.2019 When saving user profile on keywords overview, the profile name must be entered. More info
4.10.2019 When importing keywords, an information message appears below the import button. More info
4.10.2019 On the dashboard of backlinks we have set the sorting by date from newest to oldest. More info
4.10.2019 On the account overview, we remember the number of records displayed after a new login. More info
4.10.2019 We have unified the look of search buttons across the Collabim app. -
8.10.2019 Position simulator enlarged to the 60' positions. -
9.10.2019 New filter for SearchEangine on target page change history. -
9.10.2019 The backlink dasboard now ranks in the tab of the problem with the most recent. -
10.10.2019 Page backlink edit loading speed improvement. -
14.10.2019 We have added a number of tooltips with quick help to the application. -
14.10.2019 We have fixed language problems with keyword suggestions from google ads. -
15.10.2019 On MarketShare, we have improved the label filter, added whisper. -
15.10.2019 On the keywords dashboard, we tuned the export to the clipboard, where the clipboard was not deleted during re-export. -
15.10.2019 Add a new competitor, we have significantly accelerated finding new competitors' suggestions. -
15.10.2019 We have deleted keywords checking from meta description on Pages content analysis. -
15.10.2019 We have speed up Backlink opportunities loading on My saved webs edit. -
18.10.2019 We have added an external link to landing page to Recent changes to pages. -
18.10.2019 In the tables on Collabim, for bulk edits, we modified the number of records selected. -
21.10.2019 Whe have added People also ask snippet into Keywords filter. -
21.10.2019 We have speed up Backlink opportunities loading on Backlink edit. -
22.10.2019 There is the link for next record creation after new link creation on Backlink overview. -
29.10.2019 We have filled in whole domain before Path on Organic results sheet in holy grail analysis results. -
3.11.2019 We have unified the look of the label selection filters - whispering -
8.11.2019 You can now secure your account through a brand new 2-step verification. -
11.11.2019 We have improved Collabim's menu - drop-down menu, accelerated menu navigation -
12.11.2019 In the saved site page's we fixed selected label filtering. -
13.11.2019 CSV export fix on keywords export. -
14.11.2019 Next wave of acceleration our applications. We have accelerated the loading of pages in many places. For example: loading free credits in the header of application. -
15.11.2019 We've added 30X redirect pages to the site report to better explain how and what we include in the site calculations. -
15.11.2019 For competitor keywords, we added loading icons before loading charts to make sure something was happening. -
23.11.2019 When adding keywords using Google Analytics or Google Search Console, we added a suggestion to select a project. -
25.11.2019 We have expanded the option of paging results by other items. -
25.11.2019 We have fixed some minor javascript bugs -
25.11.2019 We changed websites database structure. -
25.11.2019 Websites are now limited to contain onl -
29.11.2019 In the simplifed project overview we have added information of the linkbuilding budget from the last three months. -
29.11.2019 We have fixed a bug in reports that showed you unnecessary records in special cases. -
1.12.2019 We have fixed projects ordering by starred status on account overview. -
5.12.2019 After import links to linkbuilding newlly we set status to "completed" -
5.12.2019 On the Position simulator we added new column "average position". -
8.12.2019 The menu will now be displayed after hovering on it with the mouse when it is in a hidden state. We also added new animations for it. -
8.12.2019 There was a problem with pages overview site - sorting by category alphabetically was broken. -
10.12.2019 Fixed deleting all activities. -
15.12.2019 All exports are now being saved to export history under "project overview". -
16.12.2019 We expanded our system by decoding feature AMP (accelerated mobile pages by GOOGLE) -
17.12.2019 We have added a new feature to Collabim, We will inform you about news with a small NEW icon -
5.1.2020 Fixed bug when exporting reports to Excel. If any text started with =, export always failed. -
6.1.2020 Articles from customers in the SEO catalog now calculate a score based on the number of views on the YouTube video. -
7.1.2020 We have added several tooltips for better orientation in our app. -
7.1.2020 You can now measure only selected keywords in your keyword report. -
7.1.2020 Within the application we have unified all the date to the Czech date format. -
7.1.2020 We started tracking robots.txt for each newly created site. -
20.1.2020 The rows in the notifications are now clickable over the entire surface. -
20.1.2020 Now you can hide all tooltips across the web. The settings can be found under "My account". -
20.1.2020 You can now filter by non-specific labels on keyword overview. -
22.1.2020 We've added the option to delete the analysis in the quick batch analysis report. -
22.1.2020 Another tooltip for you. In keyword history, with weekly interval for each week From - To -
22.1.2020 Add Collabim index to simplified dashboard. -
22.1.2020 In the text comments on the section Links, we have activated links in text, just click. -
22.1.2020 In the section Pages, we put back the Meta-description control. -
22.1.2020 We have added a new usefull filter "Search by control" in the backlinks overview -
22.1.2020 In project settings you can see last result of robots.txt download. -
22.1.2020 During keywords import you can see it's progress. -
22.1.2020 You can recalculate Market share whenever you want now. -
22.1.2020 Dates in graphs change format with user language. -
27.1.2020 On the simplified project overview, you can now search the Projects and order projects -
31.1.2020 We have added the option to restore the archived project sooner than after 2 months. -
4.2.2020 We have modified the Google featured snippet measuring. Positions in featured snippet are now a part of the organic results. -
5.2.2020 New filter has been added to the keywords table to select keywords only without a specific tag. -
5.2.2020 In the Holy Grail analyse it is now possible to measure accented domains. More info
5.2.2020 We have added ordering projects by collabim index on overview and added some tooltips. More info
17.2.2020 We are now checking links for meta tag robots - noindex, nofollow. -
18.2.2020 From now on, it is possible to transfer the project between accounts for a one-time fee. More info
26.2.2020 New feature in Collabim. One-time analysis allows you to pin to the project. Only those with access to the project can access this analysis. -
29.2.2020 We have unified the way you log in using email. -
29.2.2020 We make a more flexible FREE tariff. FREE users can now choose between the number of keywords and the frequency of their measurement. More info
29.2.2020 Adding already existing KWs edits their settings. More info
4.3.2020 We have increased the Collabim security by securing HTML headers -
4.3.2020 We've reduced the bug for reporting bug reports so that it doesn't obscure you. -
14.3.2020 We have activated the new feature to add 5 more competitors to the project. More info
14.3.2020 The one-time analysis now includes the ability to measure Google images + mobile positions for all countries we currently offer for tracking More info
14.3.2020 We've modified the default way to sort all the columns in your keyword report. A different default sort order is defined for each column. E.g. for sorting by keywords, the first click sorts the table alphabetically in ascending order. When you sort by spreadsheet, the most searched keywords appear first. Or, by sort by position, your best position appears first. -
14.3.2020 Your project overview is now faster because we render the Collabim index graphs gradually and only after the page is fully loaded. An account with 120 projects - load time has increased by 45 seconds! More info
16.3.2020 We've optimized load time in the keywords overview. Graphs are rendered and the pages are colored only after the page has been fully loaded. Loading for 250 entries per page speeded up by at least 5 seconds! -
17.3.2020 GA/PPC keyword analysis now loads faster. Thanks to this you can now load large projects with more than 5000 keywords. Large projects have 50% faster load time. Smaller are faster about 20%. More info
17.3.2020 Activities can now be remeasured on demand. This function can be started with "Recheck activities" button at the bottom of activities overview page. Activities can be filtered eaither filtered or selected. More info
18.3.2020 Buttons, pagination and text inputs are now larger and clearer on your mobile. -
18.3.2020 We've added a more detailed description of your feed to the final one-time analysis report More info
29.3.2020 We speeded up the project overview again by up to 40%! For the largest clients, overview now loads up to 6 seconds faster. More info
29.3.2020 We've also speeded up your keyword history. For the biggest projects, up to 70%! More info
30.3.2020 We've added the project last opened date into the Account overview. -
1.4.2020 In one time analysis for keyword suggestions, you can now select the city for which you want to suggest keywords. Google only. More info
1.4.2020 We now fix the table header on the keyword overview to make it clear which column it means, and we have also accelerated horizontal scrolling across multiple columns. -
1.4.2020 We've speeded up all Collabim project pages -
12.4.2020 One-time analysis for position and search + keyword suggestions, you can now select Google video as the search engine. More info
15.4.2020 We've improved manual tagging on the keyword report. Now when you click the pencil icon, inlin label editing will open and the cursor will move away to the label window. -
15.4.2020 Now you'll see a new "Active by" column in the backlink overview table, so you can see the link is active to. More info
15.4.2020 Backlink validation is now possible only for links that have completed status More info
15.4.2020 We added infomation to column in keywords table. Every google analytics and google search console now show how long the date period for the displayed data is. -
15.4.2020 Editing keywords does not count to your account limits. -
21.4.2020 Added an option to display landing page changes in keyword detail graph. -
23.4.2020 We have speeded up the overview of individual projects by up to 45%! More info
28.4.2020 It is now possible to hide blocks on overview pages. Hiding unnecessary blocks can also speed up page loading. -
29.4.2020 In the position improvement simulator, we've expanded the Conversion Ratio field by one decimal place -
1.5.2020 We have added the returned data (activityNote, webNote and webPrice) to the API for endopoint "activities". -
7.5.2020 We have unified the design of bulk actions in tables. We also put these actions above the tables to speedup your work. -
9.5.2020 Reports can now be schown directly in the email. More info
12.5.2020 We've moved the Tags and Landing Pages columns in the keyword report to be clearer. More info
13.5.2020 GA PPC analysis history export will now save to export history in your project. -
13.5.2020 In Collabim, you now have the option to create a link to Google Data Studio. Just click on the link "Connect with Google Data Studio" and confirm the selected parameters. More info
13.5.2020 FREE users can now also purchase credits for one-time analyzes. Just click on "Buy credits" followed by a one-time payment by card. -
13.5.2020 In the history positions-distribution of competiors, we have added a whispering for the Tags filter. So setting up a filter is a bit more user-friendly and faster. -
13.5.2020 Added the date the page was last modified to the page detail. -
27.5.2020 We improved the user experience while editing keywords tags. Suggested tags now show immeadiately. More info
28.5.2020 Another page speedup, this time it's the Link Opportunities page. In extreme cases, the page did load after 100 seconds - this is bad, so we reduced the loading time to just 2 seconds! -
5.6.2020 Next improvement for all users. You can now add your own pages into the pages section. Collabim will check all this pages. -
7.6.2020 We are introducing advanced keyword filtering. Now you can easily combine all the rules to achieve the desired result! More info
8.6.2020 Try the power of our API. We have added the ability to use the API for new customers with a trial account. More info
8.6.2020 On pages overview we made possible analysis of pages, that contain special characters in URL. These pages were returning status code 404 till now. -
9.6.2020 Another speedup for individual domains on the "Link Opportunities" page. In most cases, the system didn't have time to recalculate the domains and the page didn't load at all - that's not the case anymore, and the page loads in a few seconds! -
10.6.2020 We refactores the structure of the database and this brought further acceleration of loading the application in the order of percent. -
10.6.2020 We improved speed of websites starring. Waiting for response from server was removed, so that the starring is immediate. More info
24.6.2020 You can now sort by coulmns in the My saved webs section. More info
24.6.2020 We have added an overview with the detailed status of all urls to the Bulk request for indexing tool. -
12.7.2020 Content analysis on page detail now highlights keywords which have current page set as target page. -
14.7.2020 When setting up a one-time analysis - Keyword Suggestion, you can now simply check all the whispers at once. Save a few clicks. -
16.7.2020 We've added another tweak to the keyword history table. A row with a summary, where is the sum or diameter of the column. -
20.7.2020 We have added to the project menu the option of an overview of the history of one-time analyzes related to the project - if you pin them. -
24.7.2020 In the list of links, we have expanded the Other filters, where you now have the option of advanced search in the Active from-to columns. -
24.7.2020 For your better overview, we now show in the Account and Tariff section which day your subscription ends. -
28.7.2020 In the link overview, you can now edit notes directly in the table without having to open link editing. -
28.7.2020 In the One-time analyzes / Your credits section, we have newly added a table with an overview of the credit history. -
10.8.2020 We have simplified the purchasing process of SEO training / SEO training for all customers. Now you can buy these services directly when ordering the tariff. With a subscription to the Collabim tariff for several months, even with a significant discount. -
11.8.2020 We've moved the Searches total (current month) and Searches total (avg. per month) columns in Quick Batch Analysis - Search volume results to be clearer. -
11.8.2020 We've added the ability to leave feedback on Collabim's help pages. -
11.8.2020 In the export history table, we now display up to one year old data. -
12.8.2020 When creating new reports, you can now use select for easier date pick comparison. -
12.8.2020 When adding related keywords, you can now specify tags and target page at the same time. -
21.8.2020 We've added position change columns that you can select when exporting keywords. -
25.8.2020 We've added a new "News from Collabim" page to the "How to SEO" section. -
25.8.2020 We've improved editing directly in the interface in keywords table, activities, and one-time analysis history. -
26.8.2020 Google Data Studio "Keyword List" Connector now includes a tags column. -
26.8.2020 Related Keywords Block on Keyword Detail page now shows avarage search volume. -
26.8.2020 We've added more columns which you can manage in My saved webs section. -
26.8.2020 We've changed names of one time analysis results files. If you name an analysis, files will be named the analysis name. -
26.8.2020 We've added Google CPC column to search volume analysis. -
26.8.2020 We've added a new table to page detail. This table contains history of keywords that targeted this page in the past. -
1.9.2020 You can now export your searches history in keywords export. -
9.9.2020 When saving keywords in GA / PPC analysis and creating a project, now you can set tags and target page. -
22.9.2020 You can now filter by date of position measurement on keyword overview. -
23.9.2020 We are now displaying traffic data obtained from Google Analytics and Search Console in the detail of the page. -
2.10.2020 Now in the GA / PPC analysis section, you can filter data by tags in Collabim as well as by searches and position in search engines. -
2.10.2020 We've added a new filter to activities list. Now you can filter by severity of problem found. -
10.10.2020 When bulk importing keywords, we now use tags whispers from your project. -
13.10.2020 As part of linking Collabim to Google Data Studio, we've added whispering labels from your projects to the link forms. -
22.10.2020 We also think of our customers who have been affected by the current coronavirus crisis. We temporarily offer the PAUSE tariff completely free of charge. Do not cancel the account. Switch to the PAUSE tariff. -
23.10.2020 You can save all exports as xlsx standard format for Microsoft Excel. -
28.10.2020 Next one convenience for users - we've added destination URL whispering to many forms. -
28.10.2020 We have reduced the price of the Position and SearchVolume analysis for the Google CZ Mobile search engine. From the original 0.9 to 0.14 credits per keyword. -
29.10.2020 We've sped up copying keywords to the clipboard in the keywords overview. Now it's no problem to copy up to tens of thousands of keywords at once. -
29.10.2020 If you activate a filter for a column in your keywords overview that isn't visible, we'll let you know. -
29.10.2020 We've streamlined user notification settings in the My Account and Discounts section. -
29.10.2020 We've improved pages measurement. Now it checks more factors than before and create hints to improve your pages. -
29.10.2020 In date selector we now mark today's date in yellow. -
29.10.2020 We unified all hints notifications into one. That way you will be recieveing all hints info in one email. -
3.11.2020 We have significantly reduced the price (by ~40%) for measuring next search engine for clients with this add-on. -
10.11.2020 Keyword Analyzer is here! Find out all the statistics for a keyword/phrase. -
12.11.2020 Some graphs in Collabim are interactive, you can recognize them by the alert message. Dragging the mouse over the graph will display a modal from which you can access the presetted keywords history. -
12.11.2020 You can check wheter is page indexed by search engine. Simply click the link on a page detail. -
13.11.2020 We added option to filter pages by author on page content analysis. -
18.11.2020 In the keyword list overview, we corrected the color scale for the position graph. -
21.11.2020 Table with the TOP 10 results on the Keyword Analyzer can now be exported to an Excel file. -
21.11.2020 From the keyword suggestion table on the keyword summary, you can simply click through to the new Keyword Analyzer to get additional data. -
22.11.2020 We've added list of duplicate URLs to detail of pages, that have "duplicate title/meta description" hint active. -
22.11.2020 We've fixed problem with activities imports, that contained larger number of websites. Imports with 50 or more unique websites are now up to 10 times faster. -
22.11.2020 We've added info about page author (Collabim / user) to page detail. -
26.11.2020 We've unified table design across the Collabim platform. Tables are striped, each column has border and numeric values are align to the right for a better experience. -
27.11.2020 Behaviour and design of all filters have been unified. Each filter component has a same height and is optimized for smaller screen devices. There is also a filter button for submiting desired values all at once. -
4.12.2020 Duplicated pages on page detail aren't links anymore so they do not take user to a page user does not have access to. -
4.12.2020 SEO factory links on pages overview are now marked as external links, so they do not confuse users. -
7.12.2020 Newly, when selecting a project in the menu, the starred (favorite) projects are offered first. -
10.12.2020 We've added SEO factors links to SEO overview, just like on all pages overview. -
10.12.2020 We've excluded pages that contain chain of redirects from measurement, so that pages counts are more accurute. These pages are now marked with "excluded from measurement hint". -
10.12.2020 We've improved ordering on SEO hints overview. Ordering now combines pages count and importance. -
14.12.2020 We've added tooltips to modules Content analysis and Currently connected keywords on page detail. -
17.12.2020 New column "Words count" was added to Holy grail, keyword suggest and position and search analysis. The column contains number of words in a keyword. -
29.12.2020 We've improved the look of the page traffic table on page detail. -
29.12.2020 We have edited the page section in the menu. Now the offer is simply clever. -
29.12.2020 We've adjusted the keyword detail overview. It is more intuitive to adjust labels, measurement frequency or landing page. -
14.1.2021 Keyword Analyzer speed up. Individual blocks with data are now loaded faster. -
14.1.2021 You can now open the My Saved Webs section without opening a project. The link to the section is under One Time Analyzes -
28.1.2021 We added the date of marketing diary note creation to the modal. -
29.1.2021 We have unified keyword save buttons throughout the application. Now you can easily delete a keyword after adding it, or easily click on its detail. -
29.1.2021 We added redirection by tags from marketing diary page to the keyword overview page. -
3.2.2021 From the section of page detail you can recalculate technical data for one page. -
8.2.2021 We released a new Web monitoring addon. Measuring the availibility of your website has never been easier. -
11.2.2021 In the export history table we have removed the problem with sorting by date in English version. -
11.2.2021 Besides checking your website based just on status of a respons, Web monitoring will now also check the content that the page will return. -
18.2.2021 Speed up for backlink check. We will now give priority to re-measuring links that you request to be reviewed manually. -
25.2.2021 We have updated and added translations for our customers from Slovakia. -
26.2.2021 We've improved UX for keywords and websites multiple tags editing. You can add and remove tags simply with one button. -
26.2.2021 We added a filter to order by note on the keywords' overview. Regular expressions can also be used in this field. -
26.2.2021 You can add and change project using select in the quick batch analyses history. -
27.2.2021 You can now send request for new password in users overview -
27.2.2021 In keyword detail you can now click on edit/remove keyword and you can now remove it there. -
27.2.2021 In keyword detail you can find "show site results" where you can find results of your keyword within project -
11.3.2021 In the wallet history table we have fixed the problem with sorting by date. -
11.3.2021 In the backlink opportunities table we have fixed the problem with filtering by ad systems. -
24.3.2021 We added a new One time analysis called KGR (Keyword Golden Ratio). Getting into TOP10 has never been easier. -
15.4.2021 From the keyword position distribution graphs, you can now click on the keyword overview with the specified filters from the graph. -
6.5.2021 One time analysis can be now downloaded from mobile devices. -
6.5.2021 On quick changes keywords overview sorting by date is fixed. -
11.6.2021 We are parsing table from Google results - in the snippet you can see "extended snippet description: table" -
2.7.2021 Order fix on keyword overview and fast overview. -
18.7.2021 Tags overview has the figure of the serach volume for each tag and it's keywords -
19.7.2021 We are parsing step by step from Google results - in the snippet you can see "extended snippet description: step by step" -
20.7.2021 New GDS universal connector More info
22.7.2021 Fixed filtering in Sitefinder -
7.9.2021 Keywords export is now showing your position within local pack. -
12.9.2021 We fixed a bug with the occasional non-loading of graphs above the competitor keywords table. -
12.9.2021 We have significantly accelerated loading of the Holy Grail for domains with a path. -
13.9.2021 We have enhanced uploading from Excel list to handle lists with high amount of columns. -
16.9.2021 We have enhanced the API for Indexed Pages. From this point forward, if you enter invalid input you will be presented wih the description of the problem. -
16.9.2021 We have fixed the problem with saving all keywords at once from the Keyword suggestion. Henceforth, saving all keywords, regardless of whether you choose to save them with your chosen tags or not, works properly. -
17.9.2021 We've improved insertink new links for linkbuilding. The application can now handle some inaccurately entered addresses - for example, addresses without a specified protocol. We also adjusted feedback in case the address was not entered correctly or was missing. -
24.9.2021 We have enhanced automatically generated e-mails regarding site measurements for projects. From this point forward, you can enter the project directly from the link specified within the e-mail. -
5.10.2021 Collabim now checks if the page titles displayed by google search when searching for a keyword match the actual page titles. It will show a cross in the keyword detail and in the snippets from the search if the results are different. You can see the actual headline when you hover over the cross. -
14.10.2021 Newly, If your website is either down or unaccessible, you can click right through the link in the received e-mail to get onto the Availability Monitoring feature for more information. -
20.10.2021 Added label selection when importing words, now you can choose to add labels to existing labels or replace them with new ones and overwrite the original ones. -
20.10.2021 We united Curl header throughout collabim to ease whitelisting Collabim on your pages. -
21.10.2021 We've added a click-through to the keyword detail for search snippets. -
25.10.2021 We have modified the email display for robots.txt controls, now there is a link in the email where you can set the robots.txt address in your project. -
25.10.2021 Newly, when importing one-time analysis with KGR - (Keyword Golden Ratio) measurement, we have improved the clarity in the table with the results of measured words. If the search rate is zero or greater than 250, which is needed to evaluate the eligibility of a keyword or phrase for KGR analysis, we display in the columns (AllInTitle total results and KGR score) that the keyword is not eligible for KGR - (Not eligible). -
18.11.2021 The language is automatically set at login according to the settings of the individual user, if the user does not have a language set, then the language is set according to the browser. -
29.11.2021 In the Holy Grail results, we split the URL column into two more columns, domain and path. -
29.11.2021 -
17.12.2021 We have significantly improved speed of tags list and improvement game simulator. The table should be now loaded in a few seconds on large projects. -
22.12.2021 A new filter has been added to the SEO Hints page, allowing for filtering by author. Author filter on pages overview have also been changed to only show authors who added pages. -
5.1.2022 In the "Competitor keywords" section you will find a new filter for "Content gap". You can now filter for positions that are better or worse than your competitors. -
16.1.2022 Every select search bar will now be automatically selected so you can use your keyboard instantly after clicking. -
17.1.2022 Email informing about website availability now contains a link to webmonitoring. -
24.1.2022 Keyword tags are now sorted by name instead of associated keywords count when filtering. -
1.2.2022 Detail of added pages now contains information about the person who added the page. -
1.2.2022 URLs will now be shortened everywhere, where it makes sence. -
9.2.2022 Dashboard has been sped up by 35%. -
18.2.2022 We have added two new tabs to the keyword explorer. In the first tab you will find terms containing the search phrase. The second tab will find keywords that rank in the top 10 results from the SERP for the original keyword. Word. -
23.2.2022 We have fixed the saving of web tags in the my saved webs section. You can now properly add tags to individual sites for filtering and better project orientation -
28.2.2022 When detecting response 404 on your pages, we will notify you right next day instead in thursday page problem notification. -
1.3.2022 We have increased the reliability of real-time communication with our server. Parts of the application, such as the keyword import process, one-time analysis loading, notification delivery, etc., are now much more reliable and faster. -
1.3.2022 We fixed a bug when deleting payments, budgets and other places where users could get a 405 error in the event of a JavaScript failure. -
2.3.2022 We fixed bad recognition of Google featured snippets. We recognize all featured snippets as the first position in the SERP. -
2.3.2022 We fixed a bug that prevented you from deleting saved sites. The "Delete Site" button was not responding. -
14.3.2022 We have improved our API, it will alert you to a specific error if you enter the parameters incorrectly. -
25.4.2022 We filled in the missing Collabim index graph data from a short outage from 22.4.2022 to 24.4.2022. -
12.5.2022 We have added a button to the Keyword Analyzer to report bad relevance of suggested words. In the future, these reports will help us eliminate poorly suggested keywords. -
12.5.2022 We enchanced competitors tracking with posibbility to track all competitors subdomains by using *. in url (* -
13.5.2022 We changed report names for easier orientation. -
19.5.2022 We have changed the visibility of the userback icon, it will hide under the open intercom window on the mobile phone, otherwise it will still be visible. -
19.5.2022 We have improved the API, now it will alert you to a specific problem if you do not enter parameters. -
19.5.2022 We've improved the API to get data from one day when querying keyword position history. -
20.5.2022 Added a link to invoice settings in the drop-down menu at the top right -
20.5.2022 We now always display item Position distribution in Competitor submenu. -
23.5.2022 When exporting a ppc ad table in keyword details, full URL is now exported. -
30.5.2022 We have improved the validation of the list of webmaster tool keys, now the key is checked again after each change and it is not possible to save an invalid key. -
2.6.2022 We've added a pop-up window to the project overview for newly created projects, alerting you to a lack of data to display. -
3.6.2022 We've added the ability to copy the destination URL where the whisperer is using Ctrl + C or the button below the address bar. -
6.6.2022 On the Market share report, we have aligned the Y-axes for the initial and final state on the bar chart. Now both charts have the same maximum value and we can visually check them. -
6.6.2022 We unified time frame for data from GSC and GA. We display data for last three months for both. -
7.6.2022 We redesigned competition overview. Now you can use advanced filters to sort through your keywords, move the table columns for better clarity to better gain an edge over your competition. -
27.6.2022 The Keyword Explorer now displays CPCs in the currency of the selected survey country. -
27.6.2022 Now long URLs are displayed with abbreviated notation. (example: -> -
1.7.2022 We enhanced problem on pages section with other seo hints, so you can find all suggestions for enhancing your pages in one plece. The section new name is Newest SEO hints. -
3.7.2022 On the keyword overview and the competitor overview, we added filtering according to the position on seznam. -
7.7.2022 When you create a new project, a default link categories are automatically created. -
7.7.2022 We fixed a bug that prevented you from adding more than one word when suggesting new keywords in multi-line mode. The "Enter" key submitted the form, now it will create a new line. -
7.7.2022 Snippet page can now list more than 10 snippets -
13.7.2022 We allowed users with Editor role to delete payments on links. -
13.7.2022 We added new column with ranking keywords on pages site. -
15.7.2022 In the scheduled reports, there is a new feature - you can select more tags! -
19.7.2022 New Euro account is available in collabim. It will be used automatically for new payment requests for clients with payment in EUR. -
19.7.2022 We fixed the bookmarklets, they now get a link to a site without www. -
20.7.2022 We have added MARKET dominator overview, which respects the theoretical visits for each keyword in the project. -
2.8.2022 To save you time with clicking we aded focus on frequently used search fields after page is loaded. -
5.8.2022 Results page of Quick Batch Analysis - Position and Search volume: you can find a new fiigure for Google images, if selected. -
26.9.2022 Keyword analyzer autocorrect has been disabled and no longer wrongfully correct search terms. -
30.9.2022 Relevancy and the amount of suggested keywords in keyword analyzer has been upgraded. -
14.11.2022 On the keyword overview we added icons that will let you automatically add target page from Google or Seznam with just one click. -
8.12.2022 You can now save blocks of reports from the "Reports" section to your own profiles, which are then available for retrieval in all projects in your account. -
16.1.2023 We have added `MARKET dominator` endpoint to our API. So now it is possible to get data for this new metric as well. Just be careful, this is still a feature in BETA testing, so the outputs may change in the future. -
16.2.2023 The link to the keywords overview in the second lesson of the seven-day challenge has been changed. Now it's heading to the keywords overview of your first project. If you do not have any projects created, the link is heading to the keywords help page. -
22.3.2023 In the “Backlink Edit” and “Page Detail” sections, a form for adding a note to the marketing diary is now pre-filled. -
17.4.2023 We imporove loading speed of section "Keyword history". -
20.4.2023 The message of reaching the 4000 urls limit is now more visible on the indexation URL analysis. -
20.4.2023 We enhanced the loading speed of all pages by 150ms. -
24.4.2023 We've improved the Automatic Keyword Suggestion feature, it now includes new reports, detailed filtering, bulk keyword actions and an export functionality. -
19.5.2023 We have optimized keyword importing, keywords are getting saved 6x faster on average and large Excel files load 13x faster -
30.5.2023 Added the ability to mark a chapter as read in Collabim studium, allowing you to track your learning progress. -
5.6.2023 We are now collecting the "People also ask" block from Google's SERP. Data from this block can be viewed on keyword detail. Exporting this data is also possible. -
8.6.2023 One time analysis export now contains date, when the analysis was processed. -
9.6.2023 We have added the ability to bulk delete link categories. -
13.6.2023 We have made modifications to our link submission page to provide you with an even better user experience. Try out our new automatic keyword suggestion feature and gain a competitive advantage in optimizing your content. -
14.6.2023 On the keyword overview page, target pages will not be highlighted by default anymore. If the search engine target page matches with the target page you set, it will be highlighted green. -
29.6.2023 On the keyword detail page, now you can view historical data for position distribution and search volume graphs more than 12 months. -
29.6.2023 When adding keywords, selecting overwrite existing information will overwrite the assigned tags aswell. -
9.7.2023 Now we send you page measurement emails if there are actually recommended SEO hints for your individual projects. -
13.7.2023 To speed up access to the project, we have added click-throughs to the overview of links, pages, and keywords in the dashboard's basic information. -
14.7.2023 We've added decimals for average position to the keyword history overview. This adjustment will allow for a more detailed evaluation of the position of keywords and provide better information for strategic decisions. -
19.7.2023 To save you time, your last suggester preference will be remembered on keyword suggestions block from adding keywords page. -
25.7.2023 Google competition column on keyword overview can now be sorted -
26.7.2023 The keyword detail has been enhanced with a competitiveness card, which indicates how difficult it is to rank with the given keyword on top positions. -
1.8.2023 On our study website ( we now remember the speed of video playback. -
7.8.2023 We have improved the functionality of the filters on the position layout page. The date filter allows you to select a range of two date intervals and now also includes a quick selection of dates (today, this month, this year...). The label filter also shows the number of keywords for each label. -
16.8.2023 For better clarity, we have refined the search filter in the keyword overview, so that you know precisely what you are filtering by. -
16.8.2023 The pages have been newly excluded from measurement since the first encountered redirection, thereby improving the relevance of SEO recommendations. -
16.8.2023 To enhance work efficiency, you can now access the keyword analyzer directly from Add new keywords through a new tab, allowing for faster navigation. -
17.8.2023 Our landing site,, has a new design. -
22.8.2023 Keyword add tool now has new link directly to keyword analyzer, which open in new window. -
22.8.2023 To spare you from duplicate seo hints, we remove pages with redirects from measuring. -
24.8.2023 Collabim is slowly changing into a new coat. The header of our app got a new look! How do you like it? -
4.9.2023 We have improved the automatic loading of links from URLs. The application notifies you if the URL address is entered incorrectly or if nothing is found at the address. In addition, the whole process was supplemented with new informative reports. -
10.9.2023 We have completely redesigned the look and functionality of our left menu, now all items are linked to your project. -
19.9.2023 Are you looking for a metric that expresses how your project is doing? Theoretical traffic takes into account not only positions but also the search volume of keywords. Therefore, it is the ideal metric for monitoring the "health" of the project. You can find it not only in the project overview but also in the Market Dominator. -
19.9.2023 We have standardized the presentations of graphs for keyword positions and competition to align with the rest of Collabim. Now, all of them display information in a clockwise direction. -
20.9.2023 You can now delete keywords, pages, websites, and activity categories on our four pages - Keyword Overview, Page Overview, Website Overview, and Activity Categories - without the need to refresh the page. This update allows you to perform these actions more quickly and seamlessly. -
3.10.2023 Due to minimal usage, we have removed the option for measuring robotstxt files from our projects. -
4.10.2023 We've made it easier to access keyword insights on your project dashboard. Links that previously led to "Quick Overview" now direct you to "Keyword Overview" with predefined filters, providing the same valuable information you're used to. -
24.10.2023 You can now mark keywords with a half-star on the keyword overview. The marked keywords will then be automatically measured every week. -
2.11.2023 "Do you not know which of your projects needs your attention? In the header when selecting projects, you now see, next to each project, graphs showing the theoretical visitor changes over the last seven days." -
30.11.2023 We have improved speed of manual pages and keyword remeasurement -
1.12.2023 We have improved visual design of account settings page -
13.12.2023 We have separated theoretical visits graphs into two separate graphs, making project overview more clear -
14.12.2023 We have improved design of notifications page -
14.12.2023 We have improved design of tools page -
14.12.2023 We have improved design of account usage page and we also added credits usage history to this page -
21.12.2023 We sped up the loading of the tool "Collabim database" on the keyword analyzer -
3.1.2024 We have added detailed tutorial, how to properly disconnect Google Data Studio, if it was connected badly. -
18.1.2024 We've added a new feature: the "Ads Watchdog", which alerts you when your site's competitors start adding ads for your keywords. -
23.1.2024 We've cleaned up the data for the "Serp Analyzer" function, and now the function will contain significantly fewer duplicate entries. -
8.2.2024 We've added a new page sharing feature to the main menu, located in the top right corner. When you click on the button, it will generate a page that you can share with others. -
12.2.2024 We have added a new button to the "Collabim Database" tab in the keyword analyzer that allows you to quickly start a KGR analysis. -
14.2.2024 We have significantly accelerated the loading of the page list, now the list loads up to 15 times faster. -
20.2.2024 We significantly improved speed when exporting large number of keywords. -
26.2.2024 When adding a new link, the system automatically offers to add a new keyword to the tracking according to the entered anchor text, if such a word does not already exist. The option to edit the link has also been added. If the word exists, the anchor text becomes a link to the detail of the keyword in the tracking. -
11.4.2024 In Snippets and othe keyword detail, you can now see Rich Snippets. -
29.4.2024 The share page button is back! MoreOver, we added affil link to registration to ollabim directly on the page. -
11.6.2024 We enabled paid export of .xlsx for clients without a project, now it sends universal-project. -
11.6.2024 Swapping invoices and paid payment requests in Socials Advertising s.r.o. -
11.6.2024 Adding a thousand separator for account usage. -