We use Collabim SEO reports

When creating new reports, we tried to create a simple overview of basic site statistics. Instead of exporting to PDF, we chose editable formats (Word, Finish OpenOffice). Users can easily add reports to other reports / KPIs.

Select period

For simplicity, we only allow users to select a four-week report period. Other periods (for example, from 1 to 31 days of the month) to worse compared to previous periods. Ideally, we want to compare:

  • the same days of the week  (people often choose to buy and buy on the weekend)
  • the same days of the month  (payments in the middle of the month may also affect purchasing decisions).

Summary comment on the report

Add the comment for the client if at first glance the report contains unclear fluctuations (drops and gains). This can be a change in traffic from a specific source, keyword, significant change in positions, etc. The change may be from putting the robot on the press, or maybe it's just a fluctuation resulting from the season.


Monthly compilation

The table shows an overview of all traffic sources. By comparing Each resource with the average of the Entire site (The Last Row  All Resources  ), you will find out Which resources have grown above average and Which Have an abnormal brought` Amount of Traffic orders.

Sometimes it is useful to compare statistics to an earlier period. Maybe seeing the year-on-year how the web is doing in the long run. The annual report will be added to the reports soon.


Keyword statistics include not only positions of tracked search engine sites, but also business performance of words (number of goals or transactions, conversion rate). With this overview, you will quickly find out if you really focus on keywords that drive the site outside of visitors and customers in SEO.

Use a keyword report to see how people are changing about your business.

Priorities in further development of SEO reports

  • Create OpenOffice Compatibility (.odt) Reports,
  • graphs with year-on-year comparison, SEO activity reports for the selected period,
  • wider choice of report period,
  • automatic export to email.

Some questions for reports

We thank all those who have found time to  write   us  their comments on the reports  .

  • I want to use Collabim reports, but I do not have Microsoft Office. What should I do? 
    LibreOffice (  version 3.4.1  and higher) can be used relatively well. We are now processing export
  • We would like to report traffic to individual sites in their reports to gain their popularity. 
    This is a very specific type of report, and we do not have plans to create it yet. We do not want our reports to become Google Analytics, which has 1000 charts, and where regular clients do not know them.

How do you match your reports?

Do you like the current form of reports? Do they meet your needs when reporting SEO? Let us know in the comments.