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What are the benefits of this feature?


Collabim does not want you to wait. It calculates the positions of hundreds of keywords in a few tenths of minutes; thousands of keywords in one hour.

Price flexibility

You pay for your searches using the credit you have freely set up. And of course, you will receive some additional credit at no charge towards your monthly fees.


As the only SEO tool in the Czech Republic, Collabim measures the positions within individual search results for individual cities and locations.


If you upload keywords to Excel or CSV (Comma-Separated Value in table-structured) format, Collabim will also evaluate them.

Keyword search search results can be obtained by Collabim from Google.

You will receive a credit based on your chosen tariffs.

tariff projects price of the tariff credit received
Basic 5

19 € / month

Standard 15

48 € / month

9 000 
Plus 40

120 € / month



Try one-time analysis.