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Increase traffic from search engines by optimizing search results

✅Understanding the position and your appearance on search engines is crucial for higher traffic to your website. This article will break down how Google and different search engines work to create your sites search results✅

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Export search results

✅Exporting your search results with our Collabim tool allows you to access the snippet text, the specific word, its position and much more. This feature helps you obtain your SEO data, thus allowing you to understand and refine changes that need to be made to help you grow your site.✅

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Export new competition and site analysis to CSV

Exports available for all members with access! With this feature you can share your search information with employees or co-workers That are on board with helping you with your SEO!

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Export history of positions

Improved Keyword extension with clear and workable data! Having this history allows you to analyze what keywords that have done poorly but also those that have performed well!

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New content analysis

✅In this article we break down the different features in the new Pages Section. We explain in detail about things like how you can manually assign target pages for keywords or like what to do with missing keywords.✅

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We use Collabim SEO reports

✅Reports help us monitor and indicate what is working and what can adjust to improve our SEO! In this article we will share what reports we recommend and why. As well as how to use Collabim reports and some common questions.✅

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