URL analysis

The first letter

Sheet name - indexation 

URL - Assigned individual websites that were entered ( after some filtering) 
Indexed Google - Checking indexing by the search engine Google (TRUE - The page is indexed | FALSE- page is not indexed | What is indexing? ) 
Target url Google - Google's target index page based on the inscribed URL when creating 
Same as Google input - Compares Url and Google Target url if these pages are the same (FALSE - Not the same / TRUE - They are the same) 
Indexed List.cz- Check indexing for the search engine List  (TRUE - Page is indexed | FALSE- Page not indexed) 
Target url List.cz - Target indexed page for a list based on the URL entered when creating 
Same analysis as input List.cz - Compares the Url column and Target url List.com to see if these pages are the same (FALSE - Not the same / TRUE - They are the same)

Second sheet

Sheet Name - Page analyzer

URL - List of individual web pages that have been typed ( after a certain filtering) 
Page title - Title of the webpage that was specified when creating the 
Meta description analysis - Web site label that was entered when creating the 
H1 Headings analysis - Text found in the top level (tags) 
Page size - The size of the webpage that was entered when the analysis was made, in bytes 
Out links count - The number of pages linking out of the web page 
Load time - the time that your website loads (in seconds ) 
Status code - Status code that indicates the response of your server page(200 = OK, but you can get countless additional numbers - status codes ) 
Created at - The date and time that the site was checked 
Status codes - Listing state codes through the default webpage after ending (Target URL | How to view redirects? )

Third Sheet

Worksheet Name - Keyword getter

URL - List of individual web pages that were entered ( after a certain filtering) 
Keword / Phrase - Keyword / phrase found on the web page 
Is phrase - Check if it is a phrase or a keyword * keyword-phrase (TRUE - phrase, FALSE - keyword) 
Points - Number of points that determine the relevancy of the given keyword to the 
H1-H6 web page - Word number titles in first to sixth level titles 
Page title - page 
Strong - the occurrence of the word in bold shape 
Link- If the keyword is in the link to the 
Link title page - The number of occurrences of the keyword in the link titles 
Image title - The number of times the word appears in the 
Image Titles Image alt - The number of times the word appears in the alternate text of the image 
Meta description - in the meta description 
Meta keywords - The number of word occurrences in meta keywords (keywords that are inscribed in the website code)  
Total count in page content - The total number of occurrences of a word on a web page

Fourth sheet

Worksheet Name - Keyword getter summary

Everything remains the same, with just one exception - all the calculations are done on all the pages you've entered . 

Example ..
We have the word SEO . On the www.collabim.cz appears three times a page www.collabim.cz/akademie appears only once . When we entered into the analysis of the two aforementioned sites in the letter Keyword summary getter in the column Total count in page content get number four , since the calculation is performed on all inputWeb addresses .