Holy grail (domain prospector)

The first letter

Sheet name -  Organic results  (organic search)

Keyword  - Keyword on which webpage is displayed and everything behind it (web-page.website.com/website-example.com/example/web-page.html/test.html)  
Search Engine  - Search method  (Classic Google Desktop, etc., Google for mobile devices (mobile Google) Google images | Engine Which Collabim this result is found) 
date added  - Last date When the web page Collabim appeared 
Position  - Place your website in organic search (When Entering the keyword's search engine)  
Search Volume  - Number of searches for the given keyword 
Actual theoretical visits - Current theoretical visit to the keyword on your website 
Visits on 5 positions up - Theoretical visits to your website (based on the given keyword) when moving up to five positions 
Visits on 10 positions up  - Theoretical traffic to your website (based on the given keyword) when moving by ten positions above 
Visits on 1st position  - Theoretical traffic to your website when moving to the first position

Second sheet

Sheet name -  PPC on domain  (PPC ads from the domain)

All results Relate to Individual PPC ads and keywords.

Keyword  - Keyword on which your PPC ad is showing 
Search Engine  - Search method  (Google classic, etc.), mobile devices, Google Images | Type of search engine in Which Collabim found this result) 
Date added  - Last date given Collabim ad Discovered 
Domain  -  Domain  name - Website   (AD domain) 
Title  - Ad Search Displayed on the keyword 
Description  - Description of the page Displayed on That keyword 
Display URL  - Display page viewed by individual 
Destination URL  - Which web site the user will end with
Location  - Ad Placement on Search Engines  (Top - Top; Bottom - Bottom) 
Page  -  Page  Number on which your ad appears

Third Sheet

Worksheet Name -  PPC outside domain  (all ads that appear on that keyword)

All columns have the same meaning as for the second worksheet -  PPC on Domain 

List does not display the ads of the given webpage that were specified while creating the analysis but displays the ads of all the websites that target the keywords.