Position & search volume


The first letter

Sheet Name - Keywords

Keyword - the keyword (KW) that was inserted when creating 
Google Position Analysis - Position of the site you added when you created the 
Result page Google - The landing page that appears when you enter KW into the search engine 
Total results Google - Number results That Appear When you enter KW Google 
SERP Features, Google Ads - SERP Features found on Google (image result (1) Means your site / product image ... 
Position Google Images - Position at which your image will appear on the Google 
Result Page Google Images page - Target image to be displayed on Google Images 
Google mobile position - Position of the site 
Google mobile - The landing page That's when the KW is written to the mobile version of Google search engine 
SERP Features, Ads Google mobile - SERP Features found on Google mobile (This is how the results are shown only on mobile devices.) The result in Images (1) means that your site / product image ... appears on the first page - what are SERP Features)

Searches (last month) Google - The number of searches for a given KW on Google search engine(Google search for the last month) Google
Searches - Average Monthly Search for a given KW on Google Search in the last 12 months
Google Competition - The number expresses the level of competition that is expressed as a percentage (obtained from Ads)

Searches total (last month)- The total number of searches (when someone wrote the given KW into the search engine) for the last month from the Search Engines List and Google 
Searches total - The aggregated average search of the given KW in the list and Google search engines


Second Sheet

Sheet Name - SERP (Search Engine result page)

Keyword - Keyword , which was specified when creating a 
Position Analysis - Position on which the Web site is located (when typing KW) 
SearchEngine - Search Method  (Google Classic, Google Mobile, Google Images, Search Engine / Type of Search Engine in which Collabim found this result) 
Href - A link to a web page that is located in the given search engine at the 

Title position - Website title, when entering a specific KW 
Description - Website label, when entering a specific KW