Rank & search volume tracker

With Collabim, you can measure the current position and search volume of your website as quickly as it takes for example to prepare an instant soup - well, by that we mean that Collabim is very fast.


By tracking your positions on search engines, you will find out the ranking of your website in the selected country not only in regular Google search results, but also in mobile and image search results. In addition to that, you can measure your positions in more specific location (a city) and increase the accuracy of the analysis results.

You can also save the complete SERP results and get to know which websites appear in search results for the same keywords as you and find out their ranking as well.

Search volume will show you if the given keyword is worth it, meaning, if you should focus on that keyword or not. Collabim will measure the exact keyword's search volume on different search engines so that you can know how each keyword is doing.

Keyword insertion options:

Simple insertion - simple keyword insertion, insert one keyword per line

Import from CSV / Excel -  insert the file, which you want to import, the keywords will be loaded from the first column of the imported file

URL - enter the URL and we will load the most frequently used keywords

Google Analytics -  an option to get keywords from your Google Analytics (these are the keywords through which people have previously visited your website)

Google Search Console - an option to get keywords from your Google Search Console (these are the keywords which have previously brought traffic to your website)


Explanation of columns in URL analysis results

First list

Name of the list - Keywords

Keyword - the keyword (KW) that was inserted when creating the analysis
Google Position - the position of the website, which you entered when creating the analysis
Result target page Google - the landing page which appears in search results on Google after entering the given KW
Total results Google - the total amount of search results on Google for the given KW
SERP Features, Google Ads - SERP features found on Google (a result in the form of Images (1) means the image of your page/product appears on the first page)
Position Google Images - the position, on which your image appears in Google's search image results
Result target page Google images - the target image that will be displayed to the user on Google images
Position Google mobile - the position of the website you entered when creating the analysis - for the mobile version of Google
Result target page Google mobile - the target page displayed for the given KW in the mobile version of Google
SERP Features, Ads by Google mobile - SERP features that were found on Google mobile 
Searches (last month) Google - search volume of the given KW on Google in the last month
Google Searches - the average monthly search volume of the given KW on Google in the last 12 months
Google Competition - the number expresses the percentage of competition (obtained from Ads)

Second list

The name of the list - SERP (search engine result page)

This list shows the first X results (you can choose the total number of results when creating the analysis) after entering the given KW into a search engine - either classic Google (desktop search), Google images and Google mobile version (mobile search)

Keyword - the keyword, which was entered when creating the analysis
Position -  the website's position on search engine for the given KW
SearchEngine - search method (classic Google, Google Mobile, Google Images | Search Engine / Search Type)
Href - a link to a webpage ranking on a certain position on search engine
Title - the title of the webpage when entering a particular KW into a search engine
Description - the description of the website when entering a particular KW into a search engine