Setup the new project

Go to your account overview.


You can see all active projects in the main account overview.

Click the +Add a New Website button. Continue and do the same as when you were setting up your first site.


Domain insert and search engine choice

Enter the website URL in format


Google Geolocation

(By choosing geolocation, you have the option of looking for Google to search for Collabim from a particular location).

Which Search Engines do we support?

List of all search engines

Keyword suggests

To make it easier for you to work with Collabim, our system has analyzed the URL address you entered and has prepared keywords that might interest you. The analysis results are shown in the tables below.

If you will not choose any keywords, you can add them later manually in section Keywords


Competitors selection

An integral part of Collabim is the ability to track competing sites. As in the previous step, Collabim will search for the likely competitors by your URL.

If you will not choose any competitors, you can add them later manually in section Competition


It is important to choose competitors that are better to be inspired and to know what needs to be improved.