Project overview

Whenever you select the site you want in the main report, the first "Site Overview" tab will automatically open. Here are some significant changes at first glance.

Important position changes for the last day show you the most significant changes to your keyword positions.

23(+17) means an improvement of two positions, i.e., the position of keyword 29 for the previous measurement and now 27th.

5(-1) means one position deterioration, in this case, saying that it was keyword 4 in the last measurement and is now 5th.


Charts of current position distribution are telling you by color distribution how much your key phrases are placed and where they are placed.

TOP 3 means placements in the first to the third place of organic search (excluding paid positions, PPC). The split continues to 4 to 10 position, 11 to 20 position and from 21 on.

The bottom of the report shows the number of indexed pages in the last month, with the choice of any period and newly added links in the previous 7 days.
Source of indexing information is operator site:

In the main page overview, you'll also see changes to your landing pages and the number of links you've added over the past seven days.

Click on the history view to open a graph of the percentage position distribution over time.

Here you can have the ability to filter specific data and choose a date range to show in the graph.