Multi-language and subdomain support

In Collabim, you can manage a foreign project or a site with multiple languages.

First, just like adding a new English site.


Include the exact URL,

If you're setting up a foreign language site, it's important to define your site language and geolocation right from the start.

(By choosing geolocation, you have the option of looking for Google to search for Collabim from a particular location)

This setting cannot be changed later.

Create your own project for each language.

You continue to do the same as when setting up a English website.

Supported languages ​​and search engines

You can find the complete list here:

Do you need any other language or search engine in Collabi? Write to us

Can I only measure a subdomain?

Yes, just enter the subdomain URL in the form eg, when yout creating the project

Also, you can change it directly in already created project.