Collabim index

What is the Collabim index  ?


Collabim index is a relative value expressing a decrease or increase in the mothly theoretical traffic based on a sample of currently measured keywords - respecting their shift against the previous measurement - for a given day.

The percentages you see on the Dashboard are counted every 14 days.

How is the Collabim index calculated?

How is the Collabim index calculated?

  • We take all the keywords measured on that day (regardless of the frequency of the measurements)
  • We calculate what was the monthly theoretical traffic like for the previous measurement (this means yesterday for the daily-measured keywords, 14 days ago for the keywords measured once in a fortnight)
  • We calculate what is today´s monthly theoretical traffic 
  • We subtract the values and compare them with the theoretical traffic from the previous measurement
  • Finally, we have a relative expression of loss/gain of theoretical traffic


If you are wondering how we calculate the traffic - just like you, based on the monthly search volume (the amount of searches for the given keyword) and the CTR of a given position. But there is a certain problem, because of course we don't have a CTR for every keyword in the project which we would get from Google Search Console.

So we made an effort and collected a lot of foreign data - the result is this graph:

Complete dataset for download