Collabim index

What is the Collabim index  ?


Collabim index is a relative value expressing a decrease or increase in the theoretical visit rate (monthly) on a sample of currently measured words - respecting their shift against the previous measurement - for a given day.

The percentages you can see on the Dashboard are counted in the last 14 days.

How is the Collabim index calculated?

How is the Collabim index calculated?

  • We'll take all the words measured on that day (regardless of the frequency of the measurements)
  • We calculate the theoretical monthly traffic for the previous measurement (for the daily word yesterday, 14 day 14 days ago)
  • We calculate what theoretical monthly traffic it has today
  • We subtract the values and send them against the theoretical traffic from the previous measurement,
  • and we have a relative expression of loss/gain of theoretical traffic.

Theoretical monthly traffic is calculated based on the monthly keywords search for the specific month and CTR position.

Quite simply, the larger the Collabim index is, the more theoretical traffic you have.