Account limits

What are the differences between new and old tariffs?

Before we start comparing the new and old tariff plans, let's make clear how each tariff plan is named.

New tariff plan .... LITE | PROFI | BUSINESS

Old tariff plan .... BASIC | STANDARD | PLUS

* For clearer picture and deeper understanding, we will introduce you the differences between the old BASIC tariff plan and the new LITE tariff plan.

Old BASIC tariff

1,500 keywords per project
(14-day tracking)

FROM which 

40  keywords  measured daily

700 credits per month

New LITE tariff 

7,500 keywords per account
(14-day tracking)


535 keywords measured daily

700 credits per month

For illustration, one of the possible scenarios ... 

We are in an account with a LITE tariff plan. We track 500 keywords in Project A  and 1,000 keywords in Project B. All keywords are tracked every two weeks. This means we have additional 6,000 keywords that we can track every two weeks. We've decided that we want to start tracking another 100 keywords, but on a daily basisWe add the keywords into our project and mark them with an orange star. By this point, we have additional 4, 600 keywords that we can track every two weeks. Are you wondering  how we came up with this number? In fact, one daily-measured keyword is worth fourteen keywords that are measured once in a fortnight.

For more detailed description of tariff plans continue reading ...

Limits for LITE, PROFI, BUSINESS tariffs plans

  • The keyword limit always applies to one account.
  • The monthly keyword limit depends on the tariff plan.
  • In Collabim, you can choose from several different tariff plans.
  • Each plan offers different keyword limit (7,500 keywords for LITE plan, 15,000 keywords for ADVANCED, etc.)
  • Those keywords are measured once in 14 days.
  • You can also mark the keywords by clicking on a star next to them.
  • If you 'star' the keyword, it will be measured daily.
  • However, by measuring the starred keywords on a daily basis, your overall keyword limit will be reduced in a ratio of 1:14. Therefore, for instance in LITE plan you could measure 536 keywords a day.
  • In the upper menu of Collabim you will find the tab 'Account usage', which shows how many keywords you keep track of in your account and how many you can add. In addition to that, you can roughly calculate how many more keywords you can track.
  • The amount of keywords you can add is limited monthly by the overall number of keywords for each tariff plan - for instance, in LITE tariff plan you can add to your project up to 7,500 keywords each month. This limit also includes the keywords, which you can activate from the archive.

Tariff limits - BASIC, STANDARD, PLUS

  • the basic limit is 1,500 keywords per one project, you can‘t save more keywords into your project

  • the maximum amount of daily-measured keywords is 40

  • the weekly amount of keywords which you can enter into Collabim is also limited – the weekly keyword limit makes up 1/3 of the overall keyword amount. For instance, if you have a BASIC tariff plan, you can enter 7,500 keywords totally and 2,500 keywords every week.

Collective limitations

  • the archived project can only be renewed after a period of two months

Tariff limits - FREE

  • the basic limit is 300 keywords per project, you can‘t save more keywords into one project

  • the daily or 14 day tracking is optionable as in the way of paid tariffs

  • paid features can be seen in free version, but they are limited ( e.g. some data are blurred) or they aren‘t available at all (e.g. position distribution)

  • you can‘t archive your projects in free version

  • you can‘t buy credits for Quick Batch Analysis in free version