Account limits

What are the differences between new and old tariffs?

Before we begin a comparison, let us specify the names of the new and old tariffs.

New tariffs ...... LITE | PROFI | BUSINESS
Old tariffs ...... BASIC | STANDARD | PLUS

* For easier understanding, we'll show you the differences between the old Basic tariff and the new Lite tarif

Old BASIC tariff

1500 keywords per project
(14-day tracking)


40  keywords  measured daily

700 credits per month

New tariff LITE

7500 keywords per account
(14-day tracking)


535 keywords measured daily

700 credits per month

To illustrate, one of the possible scenarios ... 

We are in a LITE account. We track 500 keywords in Project A  and 1,000 keywords in Project B. All keywords are tracked every two weeks. This means we have an additional 6000 keywords to track every two weeks. We decided that we want to start watching the other 100 keywords each day. We add keywords and mark them with an orange star. At this time we have an additional 4600 keywords that we can track every two weeks. Do you ask how we got this number? Because one word tracked every day is worth fourteen words that are tracked every two weeks. 

For a detailed listing of individual tariffs, please continue reading.

Limits for LITE, PROFI, BUSINESS tariffs

  • the limit on the number of words applies to the entire account, for example, 7,500 keywords for the LITE plan, which are basically measured every 14 days
  • if you asterisk words (the number of starred words is no longer limited), they will be measured daily, but this will reduce the overall limit of words you can have in your account by 1:14
  • so you can measure 535 words a day on the LITE plan
  • In the upper menu of Collabim you will find the tab "Account Usage", which shows how many words you have in your account and how many more you can add, while you can also roughly calculate how many more keywords

  • the number of words you enter is limited per month and the number of words you can have in the tariff, ie in the example above, you can insert a maximum of 7500 words into your account each month, this limit also includes words for projects you activate from the archive

Tariff limits - BASIC, STANDARD, PLUS

  • maximum of 40 words per day
  • another limit is a weekly limit on the number of words you enter into Collabim - they only make up 1/3 of all possible words in your account (for example, if you have a BASIC of up to 7,500 words, you can enter a maximum of 2,500 words per week)
  • the default limit is 1,500 words per project

Common limitations

  • the archived project can only be renewed after a period of two months

Tariff limits - FREE

  • the limit is 300 keywords per project
  • maximum is 5 daily measured keywords
  • paid features are usually visible in the tariff, but they are limited (eg you see blurred data, etc.), some even are not accessible at all (position history, etc.)
  • archive at FREE tariff is not possible
  • it is not possible to buy credits for one-off analyzes