The competition is used to compare the positions of your keywords with your competitors. You can see how competitive it is.


You can add 5 competitors here. Either at your discretion or according to suggested competitors. For competitors, you can sort their positions by clicking on their address to see where they are better than you.

If you are interested, it is possible to add competitors up to 10. All you have to do is write to us on our email from the account owner's email address and what kind of project you want to increase.

You can track the positions of competing sites you enter in the table. Green color means that a competitor is in a worse position than your site, red is a better position. For each competitor, you see a graph with the current position distribution, ie how many of its keywords are placed between the TOP 3 results, how many have positions between 4 and 10, and so on.

We recommend that you always choose stronger competitors to know what to improve!

Market share

Market share can provide you with insight into the development of your search engine positions and compare it with your opponents.


How is Marketshare calculated?

As we download complete SERP results, we can find out how much you and your competitors are placing in search engines. Depending on how much you place in the first links on your chosen words, you can get a percentage. This is the percentage of search engine placement.