Watch your competition

Enter your competitor's website URL, or let Collabim search for your competitor's keywords.

Another way to get competitors' keyword suggestions is to use Site Finder by selecting "Include Commercial Sites". 

You will instantly see your competitors' performance. 

Also available is  a graphical display of the history of the competitors' position.

Thanks to Collabim, you can get:

  • Knowledge of a focus of your competition
  • Information your competitors' omissions allow you to overtake them
  • Search results by performing Google search and get the search results' summary.
  • The history feature will allow you to track the successes and failures of your competitors over time.
  • Market share feature will provide you with the results of the first page searches within the search engines.
  • Possibility of sending reports via email with one click.

With Collabim, you can quickly discover competitors' strategy.

14- day trial free of charge .