Ways to add new keywords

  1. Simple add
  2. Keyword Suggestions
  3. Load keywords from a website
  4. Importing keywords from XLS (Excel Sheet)
  5. Import keywords from Google Analytics or Google Search Console

Simple add

This is done using the form where you enter keywords by line. Below the form, you can see the number of keywords you can add. If you'd like to add more words, check out our additional price list.

simple adding

You can also add labels to all of the words in the form. If you want to add more labels, separate them with space. You can also bulk add a landing page to words.


You can find this method next to the Simple Add tab:

It will display a lot of similar keywords on your keyword, along with their search. On Czech projects, the tool retrieves data from Sklik, in foreign from Google Ads


Again, you can add both thumbnails and a landing page to each saved keyword.


Load keywords from a website

With this option, you have the choice of posting a website to show you the most important word on a website that you can use as a keyword