Search volume of keywords

Search volume indicates the amount of searches for the given keyword, in other words, how much the keyword is searched on a search engine.


Advantages of Collabim against Google Keyword Planner

The Keyword Planner is a Google Ads tool which is used for getting new keyword ideas and search volume data. However, it has one big disadvantage - in case you are an account owner who doesn't spend a lot of money for advertisements, it will show you only orientational search volume, e.g., search volume is 100-1000.

Collabim gets its data directly from Google. How is it possible that we do have an exact search volume?

As we own a Google Ads account, on which we spend enough money, Google shows us (and to our customers as well) the exact keyword search volume.

We then pass the keywords through Google, and show you the exact search volume on Collabim.

In case you want to do more in-depth keyword analysis, we recommned using Quick Batch Analysis - Rank and search volume tracker, which enables you to filter your keywords later on.

Where are we getting our search volume data?

Where do you get your Google search volume?
Google search volume is a search volume of a broad-match keyword from the Google Ads Keyword Tool.

What does keyword competition mean?
Competition expresses the density of advertisers for a given keyword, in Collabim this value is expressed in percentages.

What is the time period of measured search volume in Collabim?
Search volume always indicates a monthly average amount of searches over the past 12 months. It is updated once a month.