Keywords search volume

Search Volume is information that indicates how much a given keyword is searched on a search engine.


Benefits of Collabim over Google Keyword Planning Tool

The Keyword Tool is a program found in Google Ads. He can find a search for a keyword. But its disadvantage is that if you do not have an account where you spend a lot on advertising, it will only show you orientation search, eg that the monthly search is 100-1000.

Collabim is gaining data directly from Google. How is it possible that we have an exact search?

This is because we have a Google Ads account, where we spend enough money, Google will show us and our customers the exact keyword search.

We will then pass the keywords through Google, and then we will show you the exact search for Collabim.


If you want to do more keyword analysis, we recommend using One-Time Analyzes Keyword Position and Search where you can filter out your keywords later.

From where in Collabim we are getting info about search volume?

Where do you get your Google search?
Google Search is a search for a broad-matched keyword from the Google Ads Keyword Tool.

What does keyword competition mean?
Competition expresses the density of advertisers for a given keyword, originally from 0 to 1 for ADWORDS;

What is the period of search for?
Searching is always a monthly average over the past 12 months. The update takes place once a month.