Import keywords from Google Analytics

By connecting Collabim with Google Analytics you will get more possibilities of adding new keywords.

It is definitely beneficial to use suggestions of keywords from Google Analytics. For each suggested keyword, you will also receive information about your website visits and associated transactions.

Click on the "Add Keywords" tab. If you have your account connected to Google Analytics, you will see the "Add from Google Analytics" button in the top left corner of your screen.


Now, you choose the time period, the number of displayed results, and the keywords you want to get suggestions for.

Subsequently, your display will show suggested keywords for which you will see the average search results, visits to your website, and associated transactions. At the same time, you will see whether the keyword in question is stored or not.


You will now have an excellent summary of the results for your stored keywords, as well as the ability to store new key phrases that will attract your clients to your website.