Import from XLS

If you already have a list of keywords that you have categorized and you need to assign them different labels (labels are an ideal way to sort keywords by category), or have different landing pages for each category or keyword, importing from XLS is the right choice!

How to Import from XLS

Step 1- Upload a file

A sample Excel worksheet for import can be found here Sample file for import (.xls)


Step 2 - Selecting a sheet from Excel


Step 3 - Pairing columns

At this stage, you have a choice of which column to assign the keyword property to.

You can choose from:

  • keyword
  • tags (here you can assign keywords to certain labels and put them in groups. More here: Labeling
  • keyword comment
  • The landing page URL (here you can set your site to tell you which site you'd like to target)


Step 4 - Set default values

In this step, you have a choice whether to add any label, note, or URL to the destination page to all the keywords you import.


Then just import and the keywords will be added to you in a moment.