Import from XLS

Do you have a list of keywords which you have already put in categories and now you want to 'tag' them (adding tags to your keywords is a great way how to order the keywords by categories)? Or do you want a different lading page for each keyword or each category of keywords? If the answer is yes, then importing from XLS is the right option for you!

How to import from XLS

Step 1- Upload a file

Check out our Sample file for import (.xls)


Step 2 - Select an Excel sheet


Step 3 - Pairing columns

This step consists in assigning keyword's property to each column.

You can choose from:

  • keyword
  • tags (you can put your keywords into groups/categories by adding tags to them)

          More here: Tagging keywords

  • keyword note
  • the URL of the landing page (you can make a note about the page to which the given keyword should refer to)

Step 4 - Set default values

In this step, you have the possibility to add tags, keyword note or the URL of the landing page to your keywords.

Finally, click on 'Process import' and your keywords will be uploaded in a few minutes!