Import from XLS

How should an imported file look like?

The first line must contain column names (any). 
There must be a column in the file with the site's cover page URL.

Look at the sample  import file (.xls)  .

Columns that can be imported


Homepage URL. 
Website Note. 
Contact person. 
Email to contact person (Contact person email). 
Contact person telephone. 
Contact person info. 
Web tags (Tags).


Link state. Waiting, contacted, completed, agreement dropped, uninteresting, not postponed. 
Notes on the link. 
Link URL (Exact page with your URL link). Exact URL of the page. 
Date of creation of the link (Date added). 
Since when is the link active? (Active since). 
How long is the link active? (Active until). 
Link anchor text. 
Link points to link. The exact URL of your site where the link is located. 
List in which activity is included (Activity list).


Are existing records overwritten?

Empty fields on existing sites are updated with new (non-empty) values ​​from the imported file. 
Links are not updated. Import always creates new ones.