Import keywords from Google Search Console

As you may already know, there are many ways how you can get new keyword ideas in Collabim and importing them from Google Search Console is one of them.

Before importing keywords from Google Search Console, you must connect your Collabim account to Google Search Console.

Import from GSC is definitely worth using! You will not only get new keyword suggestions, but also additional information such as CTR, clicks, the average position and impressions for each proposed keyword.

If you want to import keywords from Google Search Console, go to 'Keywords Overview', click on 'Add new keyword' and select the option 'Import keywords from GSC'.

Then just click on 'Load queries' and upload the keywords into Collabim.

Now you have a great overview of which of suggested keywords are already saved in your project or not - save those new keyword phrases into your project so that they can bring new customers to your website!