How the program works

As soon as we negotiate terms of cooperation, you will receive a  promo code  and  authorization code  for your current Collabim account.

How to use the codes?

Through the link

Just refer from the internet, you can refer to our website directly in the format

This will save COOKIE (validity 4 months) that identifies the customer coming from you. If it is registered within 4 months, this client will be counted as the one you have brought and if you are ordering a tariff, you will be commissioned according to our agreement.

Through API connections

If you already have more information about the client (the keywords and site he / she is interested in), this will be more interesting for you, as there is a better chance that the customer will order a paid tariff if you set up the account with his or her data.

In this case, you will find the description of the API connection in  our documentation  .

Where can I see if I'm bringing new registered?


Every month, we automatically send emails with an overview of how many new users have been brought and an equal commission calculation. 
Just fill in the invoice and send it back to us by paying us a commission.

Interface in Collabim

Find it under the Account and Billing tab:

(example photo in progress)

Here you can find both your details (promo code and api token - this only works for AFFIL, the  API is a different token  ), so you can click on the affiliate account's clickthrough to see both the users you've entered for each day and the payout amount for the given period.