Why should you take an Advantage of Single-Shot Analysis?

During the discovery and and search using the single-shot analysis, you will, very quickly,  obtain a lot of important data. 

You will discover how is your website (or any other website) performs in mobile search. 

  • Positions, as well as search ability, differs if you use a desk-top computer. Due to the fact, that in most cases internet access is available from mobile devices, it is important to know how does your website performs on this platform.
  • By using the single-shot analysis, you will find out how often any keywords are searched via mobile devices and what are the positions of the website you are interested in.

Are the pictures in your, or in a competitive website of key importance in making a decision for visitors?

  • If yes, it is important for you to know how often these websites are visited and what position is that website displayed.  You will discover, with the help of single-shot analysis, how successful the given website is.

How does your website perform when displaying pictures on Google? And how successful is your competition?

Are you already following the maximum number of competitors but would you like to see how successful some other websites are?

Take an advantage of single-shot analysis and you will immediately see the positions of a foreign website in Google and Seznam, in mobile or picture-based searches.

Do you need to know the search ability of key phrases?

This will not be a problem using the single-shot analysis. Just manually enter or import the keywors and let Collabim find out.

Do you operate on the international markets and want to know how do the foreign websites perform?

Collabim will discover the positions and search ability in Google for more than 60 countries worldwide. If the country you are looking for is not on the list, please contact us at Collabim and we will immediately add it.