Backlink opportunities/SiteFinder

Linkbuilding is surely very beneficial for you and your website and if you properly focus on it, it will definitely pay off. However, in order to be successful in linkbuilding, you must be doing it correctly.

It is essential to place your backlinks on the pages, which are relevant to your website. That's why Collabim has created a list of domains, which are similar to your website and could be the perfect target page for placing your backlinks. The list of domains can be found in the section 'Backlink opportunities'. 

Also, you can easily filter pages - for example, by keywords, titles or its URL. Filtering pages is useful because you will be targetting forums or blogs in a different way than classic content pages.

A completely unique feature is that you can filter the websites, which include the AdSense or Sklik content ad network. By a single click, you will get a list of highly relevant websites, on which you can start advertising!

Practical use

  • You will find out which websites in Google organic search results are ranking higher than you and are therefore suitable for backlink exchange
  • You will learn which specific pages from the suggested websites are useful for linkbuilding 

How does Backlink opportunities/Site finder work?

How the websites are chosen?

Websites are chosen based on the keywords, which you have saved into your project. For each saved keyword, Collabim finds 20 results (websites) in search engine results (Google, Bing, etc.).

In 'Backlink opportunities' you can easily discover for which specific keywords the given website/page is ranking on top positions in search results. Based on the given information, you can also make a rough estimation of the search traffic of the website/page.

With all this information available, you can calculate how much traffic it would bring to your website if you placed your backlink there and then decide whether placing your backlink on the website is actually worth it or not.

How do we calculate the rank?

The rank is influenced by your keyword selection - it is a sum of the scores of all keywords, for which the website ranks on search engines. The score of each keywords consits in:

  • keyword's search volume on Google (average global and local search volume)
  • its ranking in search results (both total and individual positions)

Also, each of these factors have a different importance when calculating the rank. From the text above, it is clear that the choice of keywords determines the score. The more thematic keywords you save in your project, the better and more relevant results you will get.

How do you filter e-commerce websites?

We detect all the words typical for e-commerce websites (USD, purchase, etc.) on the front page of the website and then we evaluate those keywords further more.