Results of Back References' Inspections

The results of an inspection can be shown as followed:

  • Back Reference not found - Reference for the inspected website does not exist, or is, in some way, hidden.
  • Incorrect Reference Text - The text of the reference differs from the one defined by the activity in SMM.
  • Reference contains a no-follow Attribute - The search engines do no not transfer the rank of such reference. These references will not work, however can be used for checking the direct website visits. 
  • URL of the targeted website is not correct - If, for example, the webpage address is (s www), but the reference points to (without "www"), or the URL is without  "/" at the end.
  • Webpage with Reference is redirected - This may be caused by an error in the website or on purpose.
  • The Webpage with the Reference does not exist - This situation happens when the webpage returns a status code 404 (Webpage not found).
  • Unknown Error - A non-standard error during the detection of the reference. You should see more details in the associated explanation note.
  • Invalid chunk size - Unable to read a chunked body - The webpage had a problem during the search. It is not necessary to check the reference.
  • Read timed out after x seconds - The webpage has been downloading longer than maximum of allowed time (seconds).  Website search is slow (could be a problem with the search engine).

If the automated check shows an error, it is advisable to review the website manually.

If the shown error is most likely caused by mistake, it is recommended to contact a webmaster of that website, describe the problem and request a correction or replacement.
If it is obvious that the agreement has been deliberately breached you shell request a correction from the webmaster (if the reference has been paid for) or you can cancel the reference on your publicized website. 

History of Inspections

For each activity a history of inspections is stored.  Within the detail of each activity a result of last inspection is shown with the cross-reference to the search history.